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  1. Gregory Paolini

    Help Wanted

    Now Accepting Applications For Full Time & Part Time Employment We're currently seeking experienced and entry level · Woodworkers · Furniture Makers · Cabinetmakers · Millwrights Get your application at Gregory Paolini...
  2. Gregory Paolini

    Finishing Workshop w/ Greg Paolini at The Woodworking Source

    You folks are just too kind! Thanks to all of you for spending the day with us! I'm glad I was able to share some of my knowledge, and answer a bunch of questions too. Looking forward to my next visit to beautiful Mooresville!!!
  3. Gregory Paolini

    June 4th - Hands on Finishing workshop at The Woodworking Source

    In this full day, hands on, finishing workshop, students will learn about various finishes available to the woodworking enthusiast, their pros and cons, and easy ways to apply those finishes. We’ll remove the mystery that shrouds the uses and compatibilities of the common woodworking solvents...
  4. Gregory Paolini

    Check my HVLP plans please

    I have HVLP Conversion guns, and I too like the Resisthane by Hood. I do thin mine however, looking for 17-20 seconds through the viscosity cup, and use a 1.4 mm tip. I use this Pre-Cat laquer on all sorts of Furniture and Cabinetry, and have no complaints. A word about the price - Yes, a...
  5. Gregory Paolini

    Glad to be here!

    Larry, Welcome to NCWW'er!! I guess we're neighbors - I'm just down US23, outside of Waynesville. And it does get chilly here in the winter, doesn't it??? Best, Gregory
  6. Gregory Paolini

    Paolini's Limbert Style Table Finished!

    Tim, Very cool! Great job!!! Gotta admit though, the table looks kind of familiar.... I know I've seen it somewhere before.. Again, Great Job!!! Gregory
  7. Gregory Paolini

    shellac spray gun selection

    I generally spray shellac with a 1.4mm HVLP gun. I usually set my supply air to 40psi, and then adjust the gun internally for the propper volumme, and fan. Believe it or not, the Harbor Freight gun which regularly goes on sale for $15 does a good job of laying down finish, although you need a...
  8. Gregory Paolini

    Slower solvents for shellac??

    A little laquer retarder may slow down the alcohol evaporation as well. Just test it on some scrap first, as not all systems will be compatable with shellac/alcohol. They're not designed to work togeather, it's just that some of them do. Hope this helps! Gregory
  9. Gregory Paolini

    Woodworking schools

    Not trying to promote myself or anything like that - But I did wan't to thank all those folks who have nice things to say about the time we've spent together! Thanks! Gregory
  10. Gregory Paolini

    Any idea where to get 3-4" dia bamboo?

    I was going to say the same thing - Look right at the end of my road. We have some thickets here that cover acres, and acres. I bet some of the plants are 8 inches in diameter - And the faster you cut it down, the faster it grows!!! Heck, I should start considering some Asian inspired...
  11. Gregory Paolini

    Morris chair legs

    Dick, Generally, I make my Morris chair legs like Gustav Stickley did, but making a lamination of 3 boards, then capping the seams of that lamination with two thick veneers. So of the 5 boards I use, only one is "never seen". I just save the pieces with less figure on them to be used for...
  12. Gregory Paolini

    Hello from Apex

    Mike, Welcome to NCWW'er! Great to see you here!! -Gregory
  13. Gregory Paolini


    For furniture making, 4X materials may not be a good formula - But I'll tell you, for cabinetry, it seems to really nail it. For the longest time, I lauged at the 4x materials charge - But then I started going thorough old bids, as well as pricing surveys from Cabinet Maker magazine, and also...
  14. Gregory Paolini

    Craft Show display question

    EZ Ups are the standard out there - But one piece of advice that's priceless, especially if you're doing outdoor shows is EZ UP TENTS ALSO MAKE VERY GOOD KITES! Be sure to weigh it down! I've seen lots of EZ ups take off, not stopping untill they hit another tent, customer, or car going...
  15. Gregory Paolini

    New here!

    Welcome to NCWW! Tell us more about this crazy woodworking stuff you're involved in
  16. Gregory Paolini

    New Arrival

    Dan, Welcome to NCWW! Great to see you here, and Thank you so much for your service to our country! Best, Gregory
  17. Gregory Paolini

    Hello from Bahama, NC

    Russ, Welcome to NCWW! Great to see you here!!
  18. Gregory Paolini

    My Gregory Paolini Table

    Dino, Great job! Looks fantastic!! And thank you so much for the kind words!! FYI to everyone, We're working on some new designs with influence from Greene & Greene, as well as Rohlfs, and Mackintosh - I'm kind of in the process of finding myself, and coming up with the difinitive "Paolini...
  19. Gregory Paolini

    My Gregory Paolini Table

    Danny, I'm glad to hear your mother is doing better. Your table looks fantastic!! You did a great job!!! Best, Gregory
  20. Gregory Paolini

    Hey all New I'm to NCWW

    Pete, Welcome to North Carolina Woodworker! I too know of Alfred! I saw a few other small town names from New York pop up too. I used to spend lots of time in Eagle, Pike, Arcade, Java, and Chafee during the summers, away from Buffalo. Good to see you here - Less snow to shovel here...

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