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  1. Vetteman9956

    Exotic and nice domestic wood for sale

    I have listed some of my wood in the materials section of Raleigh craigslist. I have much more wood, so if you need something special email me direct at I will work with you on price. I am basing price on is current price at the Hardwood Store. I am discounting off of that price.
  2. Vetteman9956

    The long lost Vetteman has returned.

    I know I have been gone off of NCWW for a while but I am back and still doing laser work. I downsized and had to sell most of my shop. I have been doing a little bit at a friends shop but it's a 45 min drive from Morrisville so I don't get to do much of it. I still have a trailer full of about...
  3. Vetteman9956

    My Wood Stockpile

    After this last move. I have come to the conclusion that I may have more wood than I need and want to offer some of it to my NCWW friends. Those of you that know me or have been to my shop know that I have some really nice stuff. A good portion is exotics and very special pieces. If anyone needs...
  4. Vetteman9956

    Free Wood

    I sold all of the 2x4's off of Craigslist so that means that I have some free wood to give away. Mostly hardwood and exotics cutoffs and small pieces along some smaller pieces of baltic birch. Great for someone doing smaller projects or inlay/intarsia.Baltic is great for jigs etc. You must take...
  5. Vetteman9956

    Shop Space to share

    Cathy and I are planning on downsizing our home since our youngest is off to college soon. I am looking for someone who would be interested in sharing space in a commercial building with me or someone who has some space to sublease. Due to my laser and the fact that I really like to use my shop...
  6. Vetteman9956


    Why do we let someone join the group, make no posts, and let them fill the classifieds with tools that are almost at retail? Seems like we need to set some restrictions on this, like they have to be involved in the group for a time before they use the site as another craig's list. just my 2...
  7. Vetteman9956

    Latest project

    Here's my latest project. Ever wonder what to do with those pieces of dyed ply in the turning bin at Klingspor's ? Here is my solution. Base is made of dyed poplar.
  8. Vetteman9956

    Latest project

    It's been a while since I last posted so I thought I would show some my latest work. It was built this for a restaurant in Chapel Hill. It is meant to look like a antique from the middle east. It will have the soda machine and condiments on the top. I made it out of reclaimed plywood that was...
  9. Vetteman9956

    I actually won something!

    This never happens to me I could buy 499 raffle tickets out of 500 and still wouldn't win. That changed last weekend, I actually won a great tool. I entered the Sawmill Creek drawing an won a Veritas low angle jack plane. I about fell off my chair when I found out. Can't wait to use it.
  10. Vetteman9956


    I don't usually post gloats but in this case I will. Last night I put my Powermatic 14" bandsaw up in both the classified and craigslist. Had a response in less that an hour and sold it this morning to that person. Heres what I replaced it with. I can't believe what a joy it is to resaw on this...
  11. Vetteman9956

    Interesting video on Fine Woodworking website

    I was just on the Fine Woodworking website and watched this video from Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars talking about Ebony. It is very informative and I recommend that everyone should watch it. It has really made me think about how we as woodworkers impact the world and how we can do things better...
  12. Vetteman9956

    Water based finishes

    I have never been a real fan of water based finishes because I never had much luck with them and have never been real happy with the results. I pretty much stuck with the solvent based finishes but I have to say that has changed. Recently I pick up a can of General Finishes Enduro-Var in the...
  13. Vetteman9956

    stuff for sale Not mine

    I bought an edge sander from this guy a couple of weeks ago and just got an email from him with whats left. They are in a storage unit up by 540 and Capital. They look like they haven't been used that much. I just don't have the room or one of the shapers would have come home with the edge...
  14. Vetteman9956

    30 to 55 Gal fiber or steel drum needed

    Anybody have or know where I can find a 30 to 55 Gal fiber or steel drum around Cary/Raleigh. Thanks
  15. Vetteman9956

    Help moving a Sander

    Anybody free in the morning for a couple of hours to help me move a sander from 540 and Capital to my house in Cary. It weighs around 375 so 2 or 3 additional people would help lots. I know, when I go I go big. It only has a 12ft sanding belt on it. We can meet up at my house and I will drive...
  16. Vetteman9956

    My first finished Backgammon board!

    A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of some inwork Backgammon boards. Here is the first finished prototype. It is made out of Curly and birdseye maple and also uses Paduk, Purple heart, Bloodwood, and Peruivian walnut. The panels are 1/2 Baltic birch between !/8" inlay on both sides...
  17. Vetteman9956

    Problem with reply to post and PM

    I'm back to having a problem posting a reply to a post or doing a PM. I get done typing and hit the post or send button and the site locks up and windows does a recover. Help Please
  18. Vetteman9956

    Locking up during reply to post or PM.

    The last few days, the site has been locking up when I try to post a reply, or send a pm. Get all of the typing done, hit reply and poof, It has to recover page and all my input is gone.
  19. Vetteman9956

    cert error message

    Notice I am getting a certificate error, no valid cert. message when I bring up Ncww.
  20. Vetteman9956

    Some of my latest projects in work

    I have been playing with doing inlays using wood and also materials such as glitter mixed in epoxy. Here are a few of my in work projects. These first 2 pictures are of one the backgammon boards I am building on commission. They are all 1/8th inch thick veneer on both sides over 1/4 baltic...

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