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    4/4, 8/4 Flaming Birch, 8/4 FAS 10 and wider Walnut

    Hey Ethan, We are at the shop most days including weekends.....just give us a call when you want to come by - 864 325 9965. Anytime is good - the only reason we wouldn't be there is if we're out on a delivery or picking up lumber - look forward to meeting you. Cheers Gwen 864 325 9965...
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    4/4, 8/4 Flaming Birch, 8/4 FAS 10 and wider Walnut

    Hi Mark, Yes, it comes from the mill as a #1 Cherry - often times much of the lumber in terms of the widths/lengths and percentage of clear lumber in the pack qualify it as a Select - we do a lot of business with it - folks seem to love it. $1.90/bf - 200+bf $2.30/bf - 50-200bf $2.70/bf -...
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    4/4, 8/4 Flaming Birch, 8/4 FAS 10 and wider Walnut

    Hey Zach, Yes we can ship. Email me at and we can get you some shipping quotes. Cheers Gwen 864 325 9965 Greenville SC
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    4/4, 8/4 Flaming Birch, 8/4 FAS 10 and wider Walnut

    Hey guys, Among other things, we just got in some Flaming Birch, Birdseye Maple and 8/4 FAS 10" and wider Walnut! All kiln dried.... 4/4 Flaming Birch - $6.00/bf 8/4 Flaming Birch - $6.50/bf 8/4 FAS Walnut 10" and wider - $6.50/bf I posted some pics in the member gallery! Also, as...
  5. 8/4 FAS 10 and Wider Walnut

    8/4 FAS 10 and Wider Walnut

    84 FAS 10 and Wider Walnut
  6. Flaming Birch

    Flaming Birch

    4/4 & 8/4 Flaming Birch
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    Hardwood Source in Spartanburg SC Area

    Sounds good John - we'd love to hear from you and help you out with your lumber needs! Just give us a call or email us: (email to get added to newsletter!) 864 325 9965 We've got some great quality hardwood sources and by keeping our overhead low we can pass on low...
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    Hardwood Source in Spartanburg SC Area

    Hey Guys! Thanks for thinking of us here at Carolina Lumber Sourcing We're just over in Greenville, SC and definitely have some 4/4 FAS Red Oak in (small quantity no problem) for a great price. We also just got in some really nice Quarter Sawn White Oak!! Yes, our website is just off to...
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    10/4 Curly Maple

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Some more photos as requested - added one of the Ambrosia Maple! Gorgeous. Also, as for bottle stopper blanks and whatnot - we can do that. Give me a call and we can see what we can come up with Cheers Gwen...
  10. h_Curly_1_5


    4/4 and 6/4 Curly Maple
  11. 10-4_Curly


    10/4 Curly Maple - board
  12. Ambrosia_2


    4/4 Ambrosia Curly Maple
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    10/4 Curly Maple

    Photos of 10/4 and 4/4 Curly Maple - 6/4 also available View image in gallery View image in gallery
  14. 4/4 Curly Maple

    4/4 Curly Maple

  15. 10/4 Curly Maple

    10/4 Curly Maple

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    10/4 Curly Maple

    In the bigger thicknesses, all we have in figured wood right now is a little bit of the 10/4 Soft Maple left....what's left has only very light curl and we're letting it go for $3/bf. We have a bunch of nice 4/4 and 6/4 figured Maple ($2.75 and $3.75 respectively - with good discounts on...
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    113bf bundle 4/4 Afr. Mahogany - WIDE boards

    113bf Afr. Mahogany 4/4 - kiln dried, surfaced 15/16, Select - all btw 14"-18" - $450.00 Shoot us an email for photos All kinds of other hardwoods available also! Great low prices - delivery available Give Bill or Gwen a call 864 325 9965 Carolina Lumber Sourcing
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    10/4 Curly Maple

    Yes, my bad ....the Birdseye is $5.75 as mentioned on the website. I've sent a private message regading shipping. Cheers for now! Gwen 864 325 9965 CLS
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    10/4 Curly Maple

    Just got in 10/4 Curly Maple (light/med curl) - kiln dried, Select $4.50/bf We've got a bunch available! Also got about 35bf bundle of 6/4 Birdseye in for $6/bf... PS: Let me know if you want to be added to our email list for Specials! Cheers Gwen 864 325 9965 Greenville, SC...
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    New hardwood ad on right sidebar!

    Hey Matt, That looks FANTASTIC! Great job! That cherry is really great for the price - we've done lots of projects out of it. We can be in Raleigh any time - you guys get an order together and we'll be there - No Problem!! Cheers Gwen Carolina Lumber Sourcing. PS: Email us if you want...

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