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  1. Thav

    Checking out my grandfather's carpentry tools

    Visiting my parents and grandparents this week. My grandpa worked construction and still has some of his old tools. The Stanley is my grandpa's, the Sears is my dad's from the nineties. Both sharpened up really well. I brought a bunch of grits of sandpaper for that very purpose. Some bit...
  2. Thav

    Estatibles on 70 in Durham - Stanley Bailey No 27

    $30. Looks like it's in much better shape than the ones I'm seeing on ebay for $10-$20. Bevel was nicely polished. I probably didn't get all the photos I should have, but here's what I got. I think I can make out the patent number to be 6912, but that seems awfully short.There were also two...
  3. Thav

    From a shed in North Raleigh

    Hi everyone, I'm Tony. Just signed up recently and chatted with Mike, Ken and Scott in the new member chat tonight. I'm a relatively new father, and getting into woodworking more seriously to make my baby some furniture and toys. Got a little experience with woodworking in college, and now a...

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