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  1. Douglas Robinson

    Looking for wood for a carved walking stick

    I am looking for for a piece of wood with about 3.5 to 4 inches in diameter or a 4 x 4 inch piece that is free of cracks and knots and about 60 inches long, I would prefer Lodgepole Pine, Eastern Red Cedar, Juniper, Alder, or Birch. PM me if you have a piece or let me know where I can buy a...
  2. Douglas Robinson

    Help needed for the Red Cross

    My wife works for the Red Cross, and Hospitals are desperate for blood. They have contacted the Red Cross for assistance. My wife is responsible for Moore and Chatham counties. She asked me to reach out and see if anyone has or knows of a place in those counties that can be used for a blood...
  3. Douglas Robinson

    Sliding Table saw in Garner (Not Mine) Sliding table saw - $1,700 (Garner) image 1 of 3 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Jones sausage rd Paoloni 8' sliding table saw. Converted from 3 phase to single phase with 5hp Baldor. In good...
  4. Douglas Robinson

    Progress on my MAME machine

    So, I started my MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) quite some time ago. I just finished the marquee which lights up from within, and the 3D Incredibles logo made from multiple pieces of plywood and oak and painted the logo colors. I still have to build the screen bezel. What do you think?
  5. Douglas Robinson

    Amazing woodworking!

    I don't think I could ever do this:
  6. Douglas Robinson

    Clamp racks for free

    Since I replaced my old clamp racks with my new one, I have three racks for anyone who wants them The back of the top of each rack is a French cleat, so they are easy to attach to the wall. I live in Raleigh, so let me know. (They are free BTW, unless you want to make a donation to NCWW.)
  7. Douglas Robinson

    New clamp rack

    I am limited in the amount of wall space in my shop. Therefor, I took down separate clamp racks I had mounted, and built the clamp rack shown.
  8. Douglas Robinson

    Auction in Raleigh closing 10/27

    Kegler Woodwerks is having an auction through IRS Auctions: There is one item I am interested in and if it stays reasonable I will bid. I am registered with IRS Auctions so let me know if there are items you are interested in. I do NOT have...
  9. Douglas Robinson

    Finally going to finish my Maloof-style rocker!

    Thanks to Luke, I am inspired to finish my Maloof Style rocker! I took a short 8+ year hiatus from this project :eek:, but I am ready to move forward! Luke kept telling me I am most of the way done (I know I am not) ;), but it should be fun. I will take some pics as I go.
  10. Douglas Robinson

    Charlies Segmented Turning Video on YouTube

    Just watched Charlie's video on Youtube. That was great! It was also nice to see his shop again as I enjoyed it at the last shop crawl.
  11. Douglas Robinson

    Need a Plumber/Gas line expert recommendation in Raleigh

    I need to have the gas outlet for my stove moved or reconfigured. Does anyone have a professional they can recommend? Thanks, Doug
  12. Douglas Robinson

    Life Update

    Hey everyone. I have been absent for a while and a lot has happened: We moved to a smaller house in Raleigh; My father, FIL and MIL now live with us!; I was laid off last week (now looking for a new job); And I finally started working in my shop!! I am building a wall of CD and DVD storage...
  13. Douglas Robinson

    Scroll saw pics for Ed

    Ed: Here some pictures of the Hawk Scroll saw for you and your wife. I will send you a private message. Doug
  14. Douglas Robinson

    New shop Progressing

    I expect I will be ready for the 12/7 Raleigh Shop Crawl! I have been hard at work building it out. I tore apart my Festool cart and made two separate units that support my CMS. It has a hidden trough inn the back of one of the units for the Festool tracks. I built rolling storage under my...
  15. Douglas Robinson

    JDS AIr-Tech 750-ER Filter for sale

    I have a JDS Air-Tech 750-ER with Remote for sale. My new shop already has an air filter, so I am selling this one. Asking $200.
  16. Douglas Robinson

    14 cast iron Delta Bandsaw

    I am selling my 14" Delta Bandsaw. I have owned it for about 14 years. I have extra blades as well. Asking $400.
  17. Douglas Robinson

    Jet Lathe Electrical issue

    I moved my lathe into my new shop and regardless of which outlet I plug it into, when I turn it on the breaker in the GFI goes off. Anyone have nay idea what is happening, or where the short might be?
  18. Douglas Robinson

    Help Moving Tools From Storage

    I know it is short notice, but I could use some help moving some tools, cabinets and workbench pieces from storage to my garage. I plan on renting a truck with a lift-gate. I would like to try today, because I am busy the next two weekends. All of this is in North Raleigh. Anyone? Thanks, Doug
  19. Douglas Robinson

    Need an Electrician and Plumber in the Raleigh Area

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good electrician and a good plumber in the Raleigh area? Thanks. Doug
  20. Douglas Robinson

    Moving/New Shop

    Following up my post from a few months ago, (Thank you Bas for helping store my machines!) we have sold our house and have to b out on November 1. We made an offer on a new house, still in Raleigh, and I will have a basement shop! While it has a lower ceiling, it has a lot more floor space...

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