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  1. FredP

    Porch swing for SWMBO

    Ipe purple and sapele. No finish. The back is some sort of plastic with twigs embedded in it. Job find. Done Back Bottom On the bench
  2. FredP


    Anyone heard from jeff lately?
  3. FredP

    Wild cherry free

    Took down a large dead cherry tree yesterday. There are lots of turning blanks available. Bring help.
  4. FredP

    An experiment in stain

    These are called black irises. When the flowers wither and die they will stain your fingers if you pull them off. I cut some off and stuck them in a jar. Then I added some mineral spirits. DNA might have been a better choice but I'm out of that today. I'll let them soak for a few days. Will try...
  5. FredP

    A music box

    This was started before Christmas (fast huh?) I had the finger joints for the sides and fit but lost interest. The top and bottom were roughed out but I didn't know if I wanted to use them so it sat out in the shop in the cold until today. The music box was scrounged from an older cheap store...
  6. FredP

    Leftover DC parts sold

    Grizzley 2hp DC minus the motor and blower. Stand wheels and bags all look almost new. Anyone need these? Make offer. May have some extra stuff for it. No pics yet.
  7. FredP

    Broken dust collector sold.

    Trips the breaker. Great for parts or a DYI project. Make an offer. I'm very flexible. Impeller is good as is the bag. I upgraded rather than chase down the problem.
  8. FredP

    Who says you can't

    Put sawstop fence rails on a unisaw? A little drilling and some cutting and shimming it works!
  9. FredP

    Another chess table updated

    This is a commission piece. Any idea what I should charge? Blood wood, maple, mahogany, sapele, and what I thought was cherry ( not so sure about that). Finnish will get started maybe tomorrow.
  10. FredP

    Murdock lumber is selling almost all lumber

    Talked to Jack this morning, He is downsizing and moving operations. His prices have always been very fair IMO. He is making even better deals to thin out the stock. The more you buy the better the pricing. I suggest giving a call for details. some is kiln dried and some is air dried. good bad...
  11. FredP

    A table for a chessboard

    Made the board a while back and figured it needed legs. Still have to make dividers for the pieces the wife is making. Cherry with wenge accents. Dowel construction. I'll try to get it sprayed tomorrow morning. Too hot now.
  12. FredP

    another tool provider to check out

    Shelter Institute - Shop interesting assortment of neanderthal tools.;)
  13. FredP

    Tutorial. You asked for it.

    Found some wood Cut out some strips. Outer strips 1/4" wider. Glued up. Square up with 1st and last 1/4" wider. RIP and flip. Glue and clamp. Go get breakfast. Square up 2 sides and cut to size. Add sides. Glue to substrate. This time cherry ply. Cut other 2 sides and add banding. Sand...
  14. FredP

    Another chessboard

    Purple heart maple blood wood and sapele. Had a day off to get truck in the shop so why not spend the day wood dorking. Table will come later
  15. FredP

    Got a call this morning

    Had to make another urn. Sisters mother in law passed.
  16. FredP

    Bathroom remodel

    Almost finished the bathroom remodel. The wife did most of the work. I just provided some muscle and cabinets. Down to some pulls a sink and shower fixtures
  17. FredP

    Transfer tool.

    New never used. 10.00 OBO
  18. FredP

    Miter gauge

    Fits delta contractor saw and most others. FREE.
  19. FredP

    Delta 3 jaw chuck

    Great for a metal lathe. I don't have a metal lathe. 1x8 thread. 30.00 make an offer.
  20. FredP

    2 B&D routers

    1/4"collet. 1.5HP. One with edge guide/circle guide. The one with the guide needs a cord. Both work fine. I am thinning the heard. 15.00 each

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