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    Dewalt 735 problem

    Without any known incident, my 735 planer will only go down to about 2 inches of the deck. It will rack all the way to the top but going down it stops at the same height every time. There is no visible damage to either of the 4 threaded posts. The chain that turns the sprockets on the posts is...
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    Help with email address correction

    I just ordered some raffle tickets and used the auto field info. I didn't realize that the email used is one that I no longer have. How can I change to my correct email? Doug Vinson
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    metal building for shop

    Has anyone built a prefab metal building for a shop? I am thinking of something that can be insulated and a little better that just a metal carport/garage. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks
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    nova lathe problem

    Less than 1 yr old Nova XVR does not power up. Used it aabout a week ago and everything was fine but yesterday turned it on and nothing. Checked outlet and panel and they were fine. The toogle appears to be ok too ?? but thereis nothing in the display window. Any ideas from Nova owners? Thanks...
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    digital accuracy

    Has anyone tried any of the digital systems made by Accurate Technology? They make instruments for saws and routers with the names digi-router, digi-fence etc. And they are made right here in N.C.
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    Slidng table table saws

    Does anyone have any experience with Grizzly sliding table table saws? I have always thought that a sliding table made more sense than a sliding workpiece although I have never used one. Comments? Experinces?
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    newbie from catawba county

    I just registered as a new member. I am fairly new to woodworking as well. My wifes grandfather has recently entered a rest home leaving a stand alone shop with lots of equipment that I plan to use (and upgrade some). He was a high school shop teacher for many years and did a lot of cabinet and...

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