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  1. taandctran

    bolt action pen kits any good?

    Has anyone ever turned any of the "bolt action" pens? I see them advertised and I think they would be cool to turn, but I'm wondering about the quality of the kits
  2. taandctran

    Christmas tree pen??

    seems though I now have this dead tree standing in my living room... I'm wondering if anyone has ever turned anything out of a Christmas tree... More specifically a pen?? I'm guessing it wouldn't be anything that looks great, but I was just wondering!!:gar-Bi
  3. taandctran

    anyone interested in some walnut logs in greensboro?

    I have guy in greensboro that is offering up a walnut tree for free. I dont know the size or exact location ( he said close to the air port) Im wondering if anyone closer would be willing to help haul away part of it. (I live a hour away and dont want to make but 1 trip). I can give more...
  4. taandctran

    PE request from washington to winston salem or salisbury area

    I need to get a scroll saw from sully in washington to me in Davie county. Davie county is located between winston salem and statesville on I-40. I'm pretty close to salisbury, lexington, high point, lexington, yadkinville, and kanapolis. If anyone is headed this way please let us know...
  5. taandctran

    where can I find some osb or plywood siding???

    I'm going to build my kids a playhouse for Their birthday. I want to put plywood siding or osb siding on the exterior, so the exterior will be a "one step" process. Anywhere know a place to buy this stuff that is cheaper then lowes or Home Depot? I think they want around $15-$20 for it there...
  6. taandctran

    what to do now with hardwood floors

    I bought and installed unfinished hardwood floors (pic coming soon). I sanded stained and applied 4 coats of poly. Now what do I need to do? I'm thinking I may need to put down some type of wax but I have no idea what kind?
  7. taandctran

    hardwood flooring

    My wife wants red oak hardwood flooring. It can be pre-finished or unfinished. Just needs to be red oak or maybe a prefinished white oak. I need over 300 sq ft but if I can find 200 at a good deal I will take that and "find" the rest. Let me know if anyone runs across at a "decent" price...
  8. taandctran

    What to use over stain on cabinets

    I have a friend that just bought a house. He had to get new cabinets made but decided to finish hem himself. He has already put on a varnish that said contained some type of varnish, but I'm not sure that is good enough. Should he put something else over top of the stain? He dosent have a gun...
  9. taandctran

    table top finish??

    I bought a table and 6 chairs used, for real cheap. On the way home the table top got scratched. I am wanting to sand out the scratches and refinish. What type of finish is best to use on the table top??? Thanks for the help. :gar-Bi
  10. taandctran

    anyone want some pine logs???

    I'm clearing off a little more of the woods behind my house. I have some decent size pine logs. I know they aren't that good for anything besides 2x4's and such.:dontknow: but if anyone has any use for them you are welcome to them. There are 2 right now but there will probaly be 8 to 10 when I...
  11. taandctran

    found for sale dewalt drill I remember someone was looking for a drill. here is one for $45 after shipping!!!
  12. taandctran

    Which jig saw???

    I had origiinally wanted a Bosch Barrel handle jig saw. I looked and called around to some Pawn shops in my area. (High Point, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Salisbury, and even Charlotte) . No one seems to have a Bosch Barrel handel jig saw. But I did find a Milwaukee one in Greensboro. I...
  13. taandctran

    WS:CL Huge pecan tree

    Not mine. Sounds like a nice tree. Would cost alot to get someone licensed and bonded to take it down, But may be worth it to get the wood. I have a huge pecan tree (more than 10feet in circumference) that I want gone. I know pecan...
  14. taandctran

    Is all red oak the same???

    I am going to redo our kitchen cabinets in the near future. I dont really have alot of room for alot of wood so I was going to build them in sections. I was wondering if The red oak that I get comes from diffrent areas, will it still be the same. I know each piece of wood has difrent grain...
  15. taandctran

    craigslist: Woodworking and Handyman Mags (Gastonia)

    found this on craigslist. Cant beat free. to far away for me I have a box and a half of woodworking and handyman mags to offer These belonged to my dad and I want someone to have them that will enjoy them as much as he did Pick up at my...
  16. taandctran

    Mandrel less bushings ???

    Anyone ever heard oof or used mandrel less bushings??? I was looking at another web site and saw where some guy was selling mandrel less bushings. Sounds kind of weird. I was just wondering if anyone has tryed them.
  17. taandctran

    My first Cigar pen

    I have turned quite a few diffrent pen kits. But never a Cigar pen. I think the cigar pen kit is now my favorite. The blank was pecan. I started with a big log and cut it up with a chain saw then the table saw. I got quite a few nice blanks and a really nice pen. Thanks for looking, and if you...
  18. taandctran

    rough cut AMBROSIA MAPLE bowl blanks

    I have alot of ambrosia maple wood that I am going to cut into rough cut bowl blanks. most of these are good size, but I do have some smaller ones. I am going to sell them sealed for around $5 or maybe alittle more for the biggest ones. THESE ARE ROUGH CUT AND GREEN. BUT WILL BE SEALED. I...
  19. taandctran

    hardwood floors

    My wafe wants hardwood floors. But what you buy at lowes is just outrageously priced. I was wondering if anyone knows anywhere you can buy cheaper. I would like it to be precut and groved. But I dont want it prefinished. Thanks for the help ahead of time.
  20. taandctran

    anyone try turning the travel mug????

    I finaly got my hand on 2 of the travel mug kits from woodcraft!!! (After driving a hour and a half 2 times and calling multiple times). Now I want to know if anyone has tryed it and if they have any tips??? some pictures would help too.

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