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  1. Sealeveler

    10 years - cigarette free

    Congratulations. Mine was 7/7/14 after 38 years.
  2. Sealeveler


    Welcome to the crowd, lots of good info here along with some great talented folks.
  3. Sealeveler

    Juniper for boats

    Last I got was in Beaufort NC
  4. Sealeveler

    Brown recluse spider bite

    My wife was bitten and she had to have a weekly scrubbing at the drs office and her leg re wrapped for 3 months. She still has a hole in her leg from it. Like mentioned above the flesh rots. Tony
  5. Sealeveler

    Milescraft sign-making kit SOLD

  6. Sealeveler

    Milescraft sign-making kit SOLD

    Has anyone contacted you yet,I would be interested but would need to ship it.Thanks
  7. Sealeveler

    Another chessboard

    The real identity of superhero Flash is revealed. Tony
  8. Sealeveler

    The job I did not want but ...

    So Sorry to hear of your loss. The love you have put into her urn shows the love you had for her. Tony
  9. Sealeveler

    Latest Harpsichords

    Some more of your awesomely beautiful work. You are another of NCWW's superb craftsman. Thanks for showing. Tony
  10. Sealeveler

    Woodworking despite Nor'easter

    Kind of hard for me to go in the garage to do anything because just about all my tools are in the house. I still had most of my stuff packed in the house from the last hurricane and I had to move stuff like genny ,gas and some power tools from the garage back in the house because the salt water...
  11. Sealeveler

    Whatever happened to Ethan? (May be triggering to some)

    Thank you for your work done on the site. BTDT.
  12. Sealeveler


    Sorry to hear that Mike. From what I've seen on here you are a true artist. I know how you feel. Don't let it get you down. I spend all of my time in the bed or a couch. Tony
  13. Sealeveler

    Happy Birthday Steve Coles

    Happy birthday Steve and thank you for having the inspiration to start the community . Tony
  14. Sealeveler

    Hurricane Safety and Prep.

    We had most of the vinyl siding and some of the shingles blown off of one end of the garage when the wind shifted from the SE to the NW. Spent several days moving stuff out of the garage into the house with large amounts of time spent with ice bags on the couch. Luckily we only had a small...
  15. Sealeveler

    Hurricane Safety and Prep.

    I live in Sea Level unfortunately at sea level. We're still in the repair stage due to Florence. The roof, siding and windows are repaired but the floors are still in plywood stage and the duct work is still laying on the ground. Hope Dorian will turn a little more to the East but it's not...
  16. Sealeveler

    Hey, it's DaveO...again

    Wish you good travels out West.Stop in and say hi if you can.Someone on the site asked a question about paint color on a wall and I couldn't help myself and I suggested peach. Tony
  17. Sealeveler

    Working on shop reorganization

    Some peach paint would be more cheerful. lol Tony
  18. Sealeveler

    Hurricane relief

    On the way back home from evacuating I stopped at my local fire department and the Salvation Army was already serving meals and had cases of water, bleach and other food items. I finally got power restored Saturday. Since I returned home i’ve ate a few of their meals. I try to donate to them...
  19. Sealeveler

    Lumber in New Bern

    Atlantic veneer has an outlet in Beaufort but they are pricey. Tony
  20. Sealeveler

    Loads of Free Books

    Although it has probably been posted before there are loads of books covering a big range of articles. Some of the newer members might find some good how to books. Tony

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