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  1. mbolt512

    Need some slabs dried

    Does anyone know where I could get some 12/4 oak slabs dried? Preferably close to Gaston County.
  2. mbolt512

    Looking for 8/4 mesquite.

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can find some 8/4 Mesquite at least 6 foot long for a table-top? Thanks
  3. mbolt512

    Finished and installed!

    View image in gallery Just finished and installed the weapon/storage cabinet for our new Dojo in Lincolnton. Built from walnut and leftover materials. The only items purchased for this project was two piano hinges and two pieces of pegboard. The outside materials are walnut, alder plywood and...
  4. mbolt512

    Bandsaw motor upgrade question?

    My bandsaw has a 3/4hp motor at 1725 rpm and I want to upgrade to a 2hp. My question is do I have to get a 2hp at 1725 rpm's or can I get a less expensive 2hp at 3450 rpm's and then use a different size pulley to get the 1725 rpm output. If so, what's the pro's and con's of the less expensive...
  5. mbolt512

    Finally finished my first furniture project!

    OK guys, Here it is, my first furniture project. Let me start by saying nearly everthing involved with this project was a first for me from the design to the type of finish, so go easy on me. (As you can see from the pics LOML wasted no time bringing in the girl's stuff) Double bed/crib made...
  6. mbolt512

    Power feed on Charlotte CraigsList

    Just ran across this item for sale for $125. I don't know anything about power feeders, but it seems like a good deal.
  7. mbolt512

    Cherry Lumber

    I found this on CraigsList if anybody is interested.
  8. mbolt512

    HVLP sprayer

    Not mine......Fuji Q3 HVLP on Charlotte CL...asking $500......posted today 9:26am
  9. mbolt512

    Another newbie question

    The surface of my tablesaw is beginning to look a little rough. What's the best way to restore that new table look? Would a light sanding be ok? Also, what should I put on it to protect it?:icon_scra (If this question doesn't prove my newbie status just wait. I'm sure I'll have more.):embaresse
  10. mbolt512

    And yet, another newbie crawls out of the woodwork.

    Hey all, I just recently joined this site after finding it while searching for some info on dust collection systems. It seems like a very friendly and helpful site (hope ya'll don't mind if I stay awhile). ......Ok, here's a little info about myself. My name is Mike (seems pretty common around...

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