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    Wanted to Trade…Clamps

    Home Depot typically has a Black Friday clamp set - reasonably priced. If you are close to a Harbor Freight their F clamps are very serviceable and I have not had any issues with them - and I have at least a dozen in various sizes. THey have sales too. And while I have not attempted such a...
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    Post what you're building..

    Bill - Looks fun! I love games, although I am very much a chess minor (compared to a chess Master!). I haven't googled, and maybe this was covered earlier, but is the Morris game a 'jumping pegs' game or something else?
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    Wanted to Trade…Clamps

    Bill - sorry I don't have clamps to trade with you (I have clamps, but neither of those brands). Can you describe the issues you think that matching clamps would help? Maybe we can help with the core issue if that is understood. I have difficulty 'seeing' how matching clamps would make any...
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    Dovetails on Leigh Jig

    Is the DR4 the router table jig - or is that another type of Leigh jig? I have the router table version and with a dial in process was able to make decent dovetails on 4 drawers that worked very well. Once dialed in - which was not a painful process in that the instructions were helpful and...
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    Graco Spraystation 3900

    No direct experience - xo this is all OPINION based on no direct experience...but a BRIEF online search reveals that this a budget HVLP system, no longer carried by Lowe's - and maybe no longer available from Graco (or supported?). Can't speak to the capabilities directly - but if you are 'in...
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    Post what you're building..

    Echoing Hank's question, but as a reply to DKA - 'tell me more about Stitch and Glue technique.' Hank might know it, but I am not familiar.
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    RDU CL - Ridgid 10" Table Saw with Extras - $280 (Clayton) + other stuff

    not mine, not endorsing.... Can't recall if people loved or hated these granite topped TS... but I don't think the idea caught on well Seller has smaller BS, WEN planer, and a Craftsman jointer up on CL too (see last pic). Henry ____________________ Ridgid 10" Table Saw with Extras - tools -...
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    Shop heaters

    I have a 120V plug in electric heater in my stand alone shop - 12x24 so like a single car garage without the roll up door. I doubt it is insulated. Keeps it warm enough to work in, especially if left on to maintain T and not let the large masses of metal (biggest heat sink) get real cold. I...
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    Post what you're building..

    Tell us more about the weathered finish - real 'weathered' or stained? or other process?
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    For Sale - Jet 16-32 Plus Drum Sander - Sale Pending

    Hey DB All I can tell you is that I don't really have room, or need for, a sander like this. Could I use? Sure Enough to pay several hundred dollars for it? No, especially since I don't really have room for it. never having been 'in the market' for such a tool, I really have no sense for...
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    Rockwell Delta - Table Saw, RS, 6" Jointer - $1500 (Gone)

    Yes it not too hard to spot an ad from a non-user. And I may have been mis-quoting the ad in using the 48", but the point is this is not a 42" or 48" wide planer, the way most of us describe the capability of a planer. In fact, it's not a planer - though many machines are labeled jointer/planer.
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    Blueberry meringue bowl

    Add a few sprinkles, claim Kale as an ingredient, and you are off to a new super-food that actually looks delicious! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Rockwell Delta - Table Saw, RS, 6" Jointer - $1500 (Gone)

    Seemingly not written by a seasoned woodworker - not that I expect everyone to be an expert.... "48" planer with 6" knives" phrase used to describe a 6" jointer with 48" bed length etc. I wanted to see that pic of a monster 48" wide planer, but was disappointed. At least jointer bed length...
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    Jig saw recommendation

    Yup, that's become my work habit too.
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    'Rubbing out' a finish? Recommendations? EDIT - And now results

    All: Thanks for the ideas and answers to my query and the ensuing discussions (all helpful). First a correction - this was not an acrylic lacquer but another Target Coatings product, their conversion varnish (EM8000 series I believe). Don't know why I mixed that up, but the sheen effect was...
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    New Boast and gloat!

    Not quite sure what the right grit to start with for sanding Hank, and I sure don't know the right filling compound to get Hank to BUFF. But whatever the process, apparently there is a lot of it to do, by his own admission. In my case, we'd have to adjust our expectations!
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    Recent Projects - #1 Table - parts of which are repurposed pews

    Thanks Jim. Exactly right Jim of flattening and thickness. There is not much left by the time you flatten. I forgot to mention that I doubled up the edges by gluing more material below in order to create what I thought was a more suitable look for this piece. Probably 1.25 - 1.375" thick or...
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    Recent Projects - #1 Table - parts of which are repurposed pews

    Yes Bob, I knew that my WIP pics in the other thread were going to create some of the 'what in the world?' reactions. Thanks for validating my assumptions.
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    Recent projects - #3 Ladder bookshelf

    Mike - Thanks. These are 'all the rage' in the new (and foreign to me) decorating style (you know, lots of shiplap, weathered wood, and the worst to me - poorly finished pieces). If my D-I-L saw this she'd want me to make one for her right away, preferable out of weathered wood. This is just...
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    Recent projects - #3 Ladder bookshelf

    Friend's daughter wanted a 24" wide ladder bookshelf. They could find 18" wide ones, and 36' wide ones, but not a 24" wide one. Lotsa Dominos in this one too - in essence 6 boxes of various depth, with sides and a back on each. Some maple and some poplar, with plywood shelves faced with thin...

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