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  1. Phillip Mitchell

    1983 Tannewitz 36" Bandsaw

    Loco, What size is that Centauro? 900? I’d love to find a cherry Centauro 600 one day, but think I need a bigger shop first!
  2. Phillip Mitchell

    Ganner Hinge Boring machine

    Greg, Just sent you a PM. Thanks
  3. Phillip Mitchell

    WTB: Older Bessey Parallel Clamps & 3/4” pipe clamps

    Bumping this back to the top. Still looking. Found some cool old Hargrave bar clamps and pipe clamps from a member here (thanks Frank!), but no older Bessey’s yet. Just missed a set of 4 31” on FB marketplace for $100 the other day...was too far of drive for me mid week.
  4. Phillip Mitchell

    Blum Tandem Drawer Slides

    I have been ordering Blum tandem slides from A&H Turf lately as well as from Woodworker Express as a second choice...They have been really hard to come by the past handful of months. 21” slides in particular. 15”s seem like they should be less demand and easier to find, but who knows anymore
  5. Phillip Mitchell

    Makita KP312 12 1/4” power planer

    I believe this planer is spoken for from a local sale and is sold. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Phillip Mitchell

    Delta 8” Jointer - $650 - Foscoe, NC

    Just saw this scrolling on CL. Pretty good deal. I had a DJ20 years ago and bought and sold it for more than this and this one is older and looks to be made in USA.
  7. Phillip Mitchell

    Makita KP312 12 1/4” power planer

    I realize this may seem out of place as there probably aren’t too many timber framers in this group, but you never know. I’m listing this Makita KP312 for sale as I just don’t use it enough these days to justify keeping it around. In a previous life I worked as a professional timber frame...
  8. Phillip Mitchell

    Wanted: Someone to build a pedestal table.

    Berta, I’d imagine it would be difficult for anyone to give a price at this point in the process. Is there a design in place? What species of wood? When you say gloss black what does this mean to the clients? Piano black type gloss or ebonized type finish where the wood grain is still...
  9. Phillip Mitchell

    WTB: Older Bessey Parallel Clamps & 3/4” pipe clamps

    Thanks Douglas, just sent you a message.
  10. Phillip Mitchell

    WTB: Older Bessey Parallel Clamps & 3/4” pipe clamps

    I don’t like the way you have to tilt the handle on the new style to get the clamp to bite. Sometimes it works fine and is no issue and sometimes it doesn’t...often times this is in the middle of a time sensitive glue up and speed, flow, clamp placement, etc are critical and I find myself...
  11. Phillip Mitchell

    WTB: Older Bessey Parallel Clamps & 3/4” pipe clamps

    Need more clamps; who doesn’t, right? I don’t like the new REVO Bessey clamps much and really prefer the older style (all red, little bit lighter weight, wooden handle) Open to any lengths 24” and up. Also in search of serviceable older Pony / Jorgenson 3/4” pipe clamps with or without black...
  12. Phillip Mitchell

    WTB- 20inch planer

    There is a nice looking 5 HP / 3 phase Powermatic 221 (20”) that popped up on Craigslist in Winston FYI. Fantastic 20” machine
  13. Phillip Mitchell

    4/4 Cherry Lumber - Boone, NC

    This is sold. Thanks Doug!
  14. Phillip Mitchell

    4/4 Cherry Lumber - Boone, NC

    I’m trying to make some space in my shop , reorganized my lumber rack and I’ve got some 4/4 Cherry that’s for sale. 4/4 (it has been S2S down to 15/16), most is 4 3/4” wide or wider, 6’ lengths. My count is 65-70 bd ft. I would grade the vast majority of it Select and better. Too short to be...
  15. Phillip Mitchell


    How much 6/4 White Oak do you have and what length(s) is it? Did you saw / dry it or ? I may be interested.
  16. Phillip Mitchell

    Deal on a 24" Centauro IRS Auctions Roxboro

    I was watching that one as well. More like $850+ after taxes, premiums, wire transfers, and loading fees but still looked like a good deal. The guides looked a little rough around the edges, but they are easy enough to replace if needed. Had it been the model with a bigger motor and taller...
  17. Phillip Mitchell

    jointer for sale

    It would only help your case to have some photos, some details about condition and a price listed. Im not interested, but if I was I’d expect those things to be listed in the ad to save everybody a bit of time. Good luck with the sale. Have you listed this at OWWM / Vintage Machinery?
  18. Phillip Mitchell

    That's not a Jointer....

    I have an Oliver 166 BD (12”) and wouldn’t let it go for anything...except maybe a wider 166 ;) Mine is the same as this one, just half as wide and a bit older. Missing the motor is a bit of an obstacle as most of these were direct drive motors that aren’t as simple to find and replace as belt...
  19. Phillip Mitchell

    Wanted: Geared Head drill press

    I would love a Bridgeport style milling machine, but simply don’t have the space for it. One good thing about the smaller geared head presses like Arboga and Solberga in particular is that they are very compact in depth, width and height which makes all the difference in the particular spot in...
  20. Phillip Mitchell

    Wanted: Geared Head drill press

    Thanks for the comments. I regularly keep tabs on all the online classifieds including Craigslist. I have been looking more seriously for the last 2-3 months, but will continue to be patient for the right machine and deal to pop up. I have had good luck posting wanted ads here before for fairly...

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