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    Blum Tandem Drawer Slides

    Thanks Phil, I'll give Horizen a call tomorrow. Does the soft close synchronized / one touch compare to the tip-on touch latch from Blum? I see they are made in Italy, have you had any problems getting them this year?
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    Blum Tandem Drawer Slides

    thanks, I hadn't checked there. They said none until the new year.
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    Black flecks under hardwax oil finish?

    I would guess that it's from metal, but for he life of me I don't know how it got there. The flecks were not in jut one place and I do not use steel wool.
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    Blum Tandem Drawer Slides

    Does anyone know where I could purchase 15" Blum Tandem drawer slides and the tip-on mechanisms? I need 10 pair, and the tip-on for 25# drawers. Richelieu supposedly has them but will not sell them to new customers. Any help would be appreciated. I have a dresser that needs to ship out at the...
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    Black flecks under hardwax oil finish?

    The oxalic acid did the trick. I used a toothpick to apply it to each speck. So happy not to have to do a total refinish.
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    Cutting Aluminum T-Track on Kapex

    I use a dull blade. Wear safety glasses. If I'm cutting a lot I'll make sure to wear long sleeves and a face shield.
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    Black flecks under hardwax oil finish?

    This might be worth a try. I'll let you know if it helps.
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    Rockwell Cabinet Shaper - $300 (Newport N.C.) GONE

    There a laguna fusion on FB Market place for $1,500 in Jacksonville. I think that would be a better value.
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    Black flecks under hardwax oil finish?

    It seems more like a discoloration of the wood than a piece of dust. I believe if it was dust I'd be able to pick it out or scrape it out of the finish with a razor blade.
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    Black flecks under hardwax oil finish?

    I Have a table that is supposed to ship out this week. It was finished five weeks ago and has been wrapped in a blanket. When I took the blanket off to do a final rub down and inspection, I started noticing grey - black flecks. The top is veneered white oak that is bleached. It has Saicos...
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    Cabinet shop tools For Sale in Swansboro

    still for sale!
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    Cabinet shop tools For Sale in Swansboro

    I have the following tools for sale. Virutex EB10C Edgebander for pre-glued edge tape with a laminate cutter and an end trimmer - $1,400 Grass Hinge Borer - $300 Vacuum pump EVS DIY system from Joe woodworker - $400 I also have some Polyurethane membrane form a failed attempt at building a...
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    Two chucks on a Powermatic standing square chisel mortiser?

    I purchased a Powermatic 320 mortising machine from an estate. It has a small Jacobs chuck mounted in the larger chuck. My only guess is that the second chuck shortens the length between the chuck and the clamp that secures the square chisel allowing use of a shorter chisel / drill bit set...
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    Looking for a manual for a Bridgewood 15" bws-15a wide belt sander rebuild.

    Hi, I picked up a 15" Bridgewood bws-15a wide belt sander from an estate sale last week. It has been sitting for 15 year and all of the air hose has rotted away. It did not have the manual or schematics. The closest I have been able to find online is a manual for a Powermatic rb-25 on...
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    New Supermax 19-38 Changing Paper Issues

    Always check for slack in the paper before using. I avoid using the first few inches of the drive side of the sander if I can. I've also used reinforced packing tape on the ends to help pull the slack out and hold the ends down. Hope this helps.
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    Turning Tools & Handles

    The best tool is the one you reach for most often. I have a sorby 5/8" bowl gouge that came with my lathe. It might have an 1 1/2" of flute left and I replaced the handle 10 years ago, but I still love using it. I have a newer one that I reach for much less. My preference though is for Jerry...
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    OSMO oil

    I have used a few cans of Osmo. I really like the finish. My only complaint is that it hardens in the can after a while. I have switched to Saicos Hardwax Oil. It's very similar (Believe that the two companies where one at some point). It does not harden in the can though. As expensive as...
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    Learning about Finishes

    I'll either order directly from the manufacturer or amazon. There are some things I still get from big box stores.
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    Sketchup Question

    That helped, Thanks POP POP

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