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  1. Warren

    How to stop rust on lathe accessories

    Johnson's is all I use on all exposed metal surfaces in the shop. A jointer is the oldest tool (~45 years old) and no rust yet.
  2. Warren


    Yes. Thse were were Kunz (painted green) and purchased new. I read in last 4-5 years they were marketing more expensive bench planes ~$150 or more.
  3. Warren


    Back in the 80's I bought a scraper plane, small poke shave and a couple of Stanley copies of scrapers. No issues have been found and I still use them. I forgot what catalog I used for purchasing them.
  4. Warren

    Vega 2600 bowl lathe $1,800 Located near Augusta West Virginia $1,800

    A new Jet lathe to replace old Nova
  5. Warren

    For Sale Nova Lathe 1624-44

  6. Warren

    For Sale Nova Lathe 1624-44

    Hi Linus, I am available most days. Pick a day & time. Just let me know. I live between Knightdale and Clayton. My phone 919-373-1555.
  7. Warren

    For Sale Nova Lathe 1624-44

    Need room in shop. Final price $900 or \obo.
  8. Warren

    How to hang a chest drill?

    I have 3 hanging on my peg board. Added a hook to the chuck and then on a large p.b. hook with handle on the side away from the wall. Also do the same with smaller egg beater types.
  9. Warren

    For Sale Nova Lathe 1624-44

    Forgot to post asking price: $1050
  10. Warren

    For Sale Nova Lathe 1624-44

    For Sale: Nova 1624-44 with 24" extended bed and hand wheel. Distance between centers- 68"
  11. Warren

    Rules for the "For Sale / Wanted" forum.

    I have been around since the early days and listed as corporate member. Where do I locate the "Post threat button? I have posted "for sale" as well forum items in the past.
  12. Warren

    It's a two door

    My neighbor bought hardware at Tractor Supply. The door was very nice and he had no issues.
  13. Warren

    Torch wood "staining"

    I use a BernzOmatic torch with flame spreader tip attachment. So far I've only used it on white pine. It gives a nice brown with grain highlighted. Keep the torch moving and go over areas to even out the color. Be sure to remove all the ashes with a brush.
  14. Warren

    Direct external vent for DC??

    Scott, I use the DC for the miter saw. But, being a graduate of the jury rigged school, I use large cardboard box as my enclosure. it has a 4" vent/flex transition to main 6" system. It removes most all chips & dust. I found that setup in an old Fine Working book. I know; no photo, didn't happen.
  15. Warren

    WTB: Delta 43-355 shaper….or the like

    send me an email. I have an older Craftsman (cast-iron wings and 1.5 hp with reversing switch. I had the spindle checked fo runout by machinist and was ~ 0.001". no longer used.
  16. Warren

    Dust port for Delta Unisaw

    Go to big box store or heating supply outlet and buy a metal 6" diameter transition to a rectangular floor outlet (6"x14"). I adapted it to the right side sawdust outlet below the hinged access door . My collector uses 6'"x 10 ft. plastic pipe from Agri-Supply to all machines and chop saw.
  17. Warren

    Decimal, fraction or metric

    Familiar/comfortable with both systems. I'm with Bas's thoughts and use English system because of lumber/woodworking measurements. I have begun to use gage blocks for tool setup. To each his own.
  18. Warren

    Miniture drill bits

    Thanks! Been needing these since starting scrolling. The number drills are too easily broken. Hope these last a little longer.
  19. Warren

    Remote Start Issue for DC

    I also use a $15 remote for lamp control that activates the 220 circuit on my ClearView Collector. I used a Long Ranger on my Delta collector that only lasted year or so. Went to my cyclone and sold the Delta. The lamp remote and 110/220 V relay is still going strong after 14 years..
  20. Warren

    I hate to give up on a saw but...

    I had this issue with a DeWalt when new. The clamp screws were not installed correctly. After I corrected that, no more slipping. Not sure how how Pegas clamps compare to DeWalt, but folks use Pegas clamps to replace DeWalt's.

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