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    Anyone interested in figured cherry?

    I have a question about figured cherry. When I run into a section of wood that has some curly design I find it very hard and difficult to work with. Would I find this to be the case with figured cherry?
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    Our Miracle Continues (UPDATE 12/15/11)

    Re: Our Miracle Continues Could you give us her first name so we can include it in our prayers. Happy she is doing so well.
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    Spring hinge screw

    After looking at additional pictures of this screw I to discovered that it was self made. You are correct about the washers. I got the springs today from Ace. I hadn't thought about putting the washers between the two wood pieces but I will do that as well. Thanks for helping me. I was...
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    Spring hinge screw

    I need your help finding spring hinge screws. I will explain its use. I am making a cross stitch floor frame. The work piece will be held together with these two screws. Looking down on the one application you will see four pieces of wood with a screw head on the far left of the four pieces with...
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    Mantle Clock

    Beautiful clock, don't you just love walnut. When I look at your clock I see a grandfather clock. Keep up the good work, now get you a planer, you earned it, and you can justify it.
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    table saw accident

    Six weeks ago I also cut my fingers with the dado blades on my tablesaw. The second and third tips on my left hand. The cut took a chunk out of my index finger and chewed into the third one. Both healed well. I was lucky, I could have lost two fingers. The procedure was stupid and I should...
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    First post, first furniture project

    Great looking work, I know your wife is pleased. Keep up the good work.
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    Dust problem with planer

    I have a one hp dust system which has worked well with everything else I have used. I hooked the planer directly to the dust system in order to by pass all other machines and it still stopped up. When I took to hose loose from the dust system the clog was there going into the dust system. The...
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    Dust problem with planer

    I am making a oak tabletop cabinet and have had no problems with the planer, in fact I just put new blades into it. The oak planed just fine but when I tried to plane some poplar it stopped up the dust system. I remember a friend of mine use to have problems with his system when ever he would...
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    Different Drill Bits or Better Technique?

    Isn't it amazing how something so simple can often be so difficult to see?
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    Safe cut for split rail

    Thanks Scott, I may take you up on that.
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    Safe cut for split rail

    It's late so the discription skips over my brain so come morning after that first cup of coffee I am going to read each post so I will know exactly what I need to do. Thanks guys, once again you came through for me.
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    Safe cut for split rail

    Now Joe, that has possibilities. All the ideas are very good, thanks, any more ideas just keep them coming. Going back to the shop tomorrow.
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    Safe cut for split rail

    I hadn't thought about a handsaw. I don't think I could get the cut even with a handsaw. This cut needs to be very even.
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    Safe cut for split rail

    These dowels are anywhere from 6 to 18 inches, I am concerned about the drift on the bandsaw. That was my method of cutting certainly not the tablesaw. These are rails for using with a cross stitch setup. You make a frame to hold your work.
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    Safe cut for split rail

    How can I safely cut a split in a 1/2" or less dowel which will be left attached on one end? I have a tablesaw and a bandsaw.
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    Picture frames-worth the build?

    As you may know, I am new to making picture frames but I love being able to hand something to the kids knowing that ma made the frame. The contents of the frames just happen to be family paintings. Don't get no better than that, think I will now order some of those corner clamps. Dang, there...
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    Powermatic table saw

    Nice tablesaw, hope someone can use it. A fine machine like that needs to be used.
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    Looking for WoodSmith No. 55

    Did you get the pie safe? I don't have the pie safe but I have an ice box in #No 36.
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    Picture frame measurements

    Thanks Jeff, this helps as well. I am a visual person so my findings are going to be posted in a save it book for later use. This is one of those woodworking questions that we don't think about until it is time to make the frame. I started out planning for three frames and ended up with only...

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