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    Makes You Really PROUD!

    I've been watching a YouTube channel, "Just Trucking." It's about the daily life of an over the road trucker, named Justin. Earlier this week on a return trip from PA, on I-85, Justin came upon a lady and grand daughter with blown tire in a work zone. He manuvers his truck between barrels and...
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    Wop, wop, WHAP!!

    Earlier today was cutting out Toys For Tot's Cars on band saw, when I heard wop, wop, WHAP! The blade had broken ( not at the weld.) Got to thinking about it, and on a combination of two blades, over the years, I had cut out over TEN THOSAND cars. Each car requires about nine inches of cuts (all...
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    He Looked Like a Combination of Squirrel and a Monkey

    Last week, we had some tall pine trees taken down. It was about 80 feet to the first limb, and at that point they were about 16" in diameter. Two feet off the ground they were over 24" in diameter. The tree service (Southeastern Tree Surgeons ) use a climber to take down the trees. First he...
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    Seasonal Water Spigots,Act 2

    Got my one of my seasonal water spigots installed last week, and the other today. If you aren't familiar with the term "seasonal water spigot", it's a spigot that is removed during the winter. I use a washing machine hose to connect 1/2" PVC, and then place spigot where needed. Our hose bib on...
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    Wooden Router Lift?

    When we think of router lift's, we see lots of closely machined metal. But the ShopNotes (issue 122,) / Woodsmith router lift is mostly made from wood. Steve Ramsey has an excellent video of his build, plus Woodsmith also has a video. Just about got mine completed. Working on mounting to router...
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    Sears Molding Head - YEAH!

    Current shop project is the ShopNotes / Woodsmith router lift. It was originally published in ShopNotes issue 121. Steve Ramsey has a good video of his build, plus Woodsmith also has a video on You Tube. One the items of the build is the channels that the lift rides in. Shown is using table saw...
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    Should I Try For Better?

    Today, for an up coming shop project, I tuned up my Dubby cross cut sled. After using "Three cut method" to square up fence, I got it within 0.001 over a 12" cut. Measurements were taken using a 12" dial caliper. FYI, the "three cut method " is actually two cuts. For more info on three cut...
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    Tapering Jigs - Why?

    I want to build a tapering jig. Don't need one right now, but it's been on my to do list for years. ( I know how to taper legs on the jointer.) Looking a you tubes, books, and magazines, all ride on the right side of the blade. None on the left. By riding on right side of the blade, my left arm...
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    Harbor Freight - Chicago Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

    Couple years back, bought a used Chicago Electric chain saw sharpener. Paid fifteen bucks for it in thrift store. This week have been cutting down, and cutting into fire wood lengths four dead trees from our front lot. Not sure of species, only that they are hard and have a stringy trunk . You...
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    Harbor Freight's New Discount Policy

    Harbor Freight is no longer doing printed coupons, only digital. Each Thursday a new set of items go one sale. This week, their digital ad features a 10% off digital coupon for anything in the store, no restrictions. Just an FYI
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    Three Cut Method for Squaring Fence on a Table Saw Sled

    Most of us are familiar with the five cut method of squaring fence on table saw sled. But, do you know there is a three cut method, which could actually become a two cut method. Simply place a piece of plywood on sled after squaring fence a lose as possible. Make a cut on right side, then flip...
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    Northern Tools Now Stocks Rockler

    Got an email from Northern yesterday, saying Northern now stocks Rockler. Looking on line, it seems that the Colfax store is the only one currently stocking Rockler. But the items I looked at, included FREE SHIPPING! Just a heads up
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    Woodworking Shows on Public TV

    The following woodworking shows are on Public TV this week Today; (Saturday,) Classic Woodworking, NC Channel @11:00 AM, Woodsmith Shop, NC Channel @ 11:30 AM, American Woodshop, PBS @ 3:30 PM. Tuesdays; Woodsmith Shop @ 4:00 PM, Woodwrights Shop, @ 4:30 PM, both on PBS. Enjoy!
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    Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener

    Our water has some lime in it, even thopugh we are in an area of no know limestone deposits. We bought a water softener a couple weeks back, which I installed. Bought the Fleck 5600 SXT, made by Pentair, (the same people who sold Delta / Porter Cable to B&D.) Looking on line, every review had...
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    $0.99 LED Fixtures

    Was in Habitat Restore in Cary earlier today. They had 43" long, 23 watt, 2400 lumens, 4000K cool white LED's for ninety nine cents. These are single tube fixtures. They are part of Duke Energy's program. I bought six for myself. They only have about a case and a half left when I left, but will...
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    My New to ME Used Drill Press

    A couple years back, rescued a Delta Homecraft DP from dumpsters. It was unassembled, and missing motor and chuck. This week I needed to drill some holes in the center of a 9 1/4" disk, which is hard to do on a drill press with a four inch throw. Went and got DP from box I brought it home in...
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    My Version of The Hundred Ton Roller

    Over the summer, I replaced the front stoop on our house. Enlarged from a 6 X 6 to a 6 X 12, with full width steps. This week added some pavers for the landing on the ground. Dug down about eight inches using rototiller. Next I removed loose soil, then compacted the soil below, using my "hundred...
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    ShopNotes Drill Press Scary Sharping Jig

    Recently watched a you tube of ShopNotes (WoodSmith) drill press sharpening jig. Caught my eye, so dug out issue 107 and started looking. Has anyone actually built this jig? If so what pros and cons did you experience? Thinking about building one. Got sources for all the parts lined up, just...
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    Steal Them Off the Back Side

    Last summer, discovered a hole in our roof. Slipped a piece of shingle under hole, and waited for fall to fix it. Apparently a limb went thru both layers of shingles, and caused OSB to rot. Fortunately, the hole was over soffit, and directly above vent strip, so damage was limiter to OSB, and...
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    Paper Wheel Sharpening

    Been watching some YouTubes on Paper Wheel Sharpening. Wheels aren't actually paper, but MDF instead. One wheel uses silicon carbide for sharpening, and other uses white buffing compound for final honing. Looking at commercial wheels, prices range from $35 to almost $100, which seems like a lot...

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