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    How to finish an "odd" table top

    I'm eventually going to start a fun coffee table project which uses old yardsticks as the table top. These yardsticks are mostly vintage; some have a finish on them already (who knows what...) while others were left natural. How would you recommend finishing something like this? I was...
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    My first year making Christmas gifts

    I finally had the confidence/skill/shop space/time to build gifts for my family this year, so i stuck with the classics (sorry for the crappy cell phone pics): This was my first attempt at a cutting board and a small box, and i must say i was quite happy with the results.
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    Using 2 bench screws to make a vise

    I was hoping someone has done this before, but the thought was to use 2 ordinary bench screws (like these) to create my own twin screw vise. Thoughts, comments?? :banana:
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    Scraps for a cutting board

    I was just going to order some off that new fangled world wide web, but i figured i could ask here. Would anyone have any walnut/maple (or similar) scraps they would be willing to part with for a modest price? I'm going for a 12x18 sized board :occasion1
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    Has anyone ever actually found a mahogany pallet?

    I'm curious...i know they exist but i don't think i have ever seen one. :icon_scra
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    Small display table

    Just a small display table i made. The top and stretchers are reclaimed Douglas Fir (identified thanks to this forum :icon_thum) with an oil finish; the legs are just poplar with a java gel stain. This was my first serious attempt at traditional joinery, and subsequently my first attempt at...
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    Cutting angled tenons

    I will be starting a new coffee table soon in which the legs will be canted out from the stretchers at a modest angle (10-15* maybe?). When cutting the M&T joints here, should i angle the mortises when i cut those or should i cut angled tenons to fit square-cut mortises? I honestly don't know...
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    Help me ID this wood...

    Here is the freshly planed board: Here with a couple coats of oil: It's an old board, it splinters easily, and stain is blotchy on it (although oil works well). I think it is just old quartersawn pine, but i'm no expert...the rays in it are throwing me off.
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    Brass plate around the Hickory area

    I am looking for a source for 1/8" brass plate in western NC; google has not helped me :evil: I'm assuming 1/8" is what i need, it would be for small parts on various jigs and whatnot.
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    Best way to flatten a chisel with a concave back?

    So i'm really just beginning to get into hand tools; got my first set of chisels for christmas and i've only now begun to sharpen/hone them. Anyways, i received a set of Stanley chisels (this line...
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    Hickory area hardwood suppliers

    Google hasn't been too terribly helpful, so i thought i'd ask here....Klingspor's had a little bit but i'm looking for more selection. Not looking for anything particular at the moment, but i'm new to the area and would like to know where to look...
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    Picture frame glass

    A piece a little larger than 2' x 3' around Hickory?? I know Michaels and AC Moore are the obvious choices but they are always expensive...
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    How do we feel about WoodCraft vises?

    I'm in the process of building my first workbench and I am looking for a front vise. As a casual/novice woodworker i can't justify spending $150 on a vise, but the Small Front Vise or its quick release equivalent seem to be good products. Can anyone offer an opinion?
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    3/4" pipe for pipe clamps

    Where is a good, and preferably cheap, source for pipe around raleigh?
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    Portable table saw "recommendations"??

    New member here...I'm in the market for a portable table saw. I do some light woodworking/simple furniture building as a hobby, but i also share a single-car garage with a roommate. I'm mostly the garage user, but i must be mindful of our collective space...:) That being said. I need to be...

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