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  1. dwminnich

    Resaw and milling services in WNC?

    I’m just starting a van conversion project and am looking for some 3/8” x 3” stock in 14’ lengths (for a ceiling treatment). My first thought was the Hardwood Store, but they don’t have resaw capability. I am in Hendersonville. Are you aware of any place in the western half of the state or...
  2. dwminnich

    3+" thick T&G?

    I'm going to be working on a project at church hanging a couple of 100 lb. TVs in the sanctuary. The building is an A-frame type structure built in the mid 1970s with large glue-lam rafters (probably 6"x18"s) as the visible support element. The visible ceiling surface is made of tongue and...
  3. dwminnich

    Jewelry box

    Well, if it's May, I must be making another jewelry box for another niece's HS graduation. :^) Finished this one for my youngest niece this evening. Primary wood is cherry with bubinga and lacewood for the lid, and bubinga and brass accents. There's a lift-out tray for two levels of storage...
  4. dwminnich

    Left-tilt Delta Unisaw, motor spins but does not drive belts. Thoughts?

    While I was cutting some box joints today on the tablesaw, I heard a "clunk" and the blade spun down although the motor kept running. My first thought was a broken drive belt but I took the cover off the motor and they look OK to me. I noticed a small key (think for a shaft, not a door)...
  5. dwminnich

    Dust collection idea... is this just plain stupid?

    In my old shop I had a pre-separator and exhausted the fines outside. Well, in the new shop (garage) exhausting outside is not possible, since the house is brick and there are no convenient windows to where the DC must live. I've been assuming I had to go back to some kind of filter system...
  6. dwminnich

    Quick turnaround on laser/cnc in Hendersonville?

    Hey folks, My wife's mother died suddenly this past week, and I am making the urn for her cremated remains. I'm wondering if there is anyone in the Hendersonville, NC area who has access to a laser engraver/cnc setup who could produce a quality inscription to a quick schedule. I'm still...
  7. dwminnich

    Cherry jewelry box with secret latch and hidden compartments

    Just finished a graduation gift for one of my nieces, a cherry jewelry box/chest with some secret (shh!) and hidden features. I may eventually upload some additional photos here, but for the moment here are a few to give a overview, and here's a link to a youtube video that walks through some...
  8. dwminnich

    2 Fiberboard drums with lids (free)

    I had posted this to the classifieds a while back, but I suspect many folks aren't aware of them. Please someone save them before I have to send them to the dumpster. Here's a link to the classified with the details.
  9. dwminnich

    Wood turning classes in WNC?

    I have a Jet 1220 lathe that I've been using for a variety of spindle work for a few years, and I've decided I want to expand my repertoire to include small turned bowls/boxes. Having just moved to Hendersonville, I'm looking for locations/folks that might teach small-group classes. Any...
  10. dwminnich

    Cleaning out the shop: 4" dust collection

    I'm cleaning out the the shop in preparation for a move and have a bunch of 4" spiral DC pipe and assorted fittings available. Make me an offer, but you have to take the whole lot from my place in northern Orange County. PM if interested. --dave Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. dwminnich

    Matching new wood to old? (Douglas Fir)

    I've got some repairs to do to the balusters of a staircase made from Douglas Fir. The original finish on the fir was oil of some sort, but I don't know what formulation/blend it was. Of course, over time (15 years) the fir has darkened and reddened. As I replace pieces of the old wood I'm...
  12. dwminnich

    Anyone built a teardrop trailer/camper?

    I've got it in my mind to build a teardrop camper (google it and you'll find lots of homemade examples). Has anyone on this site done so before and have any wisdom to share? Also, I'm interested in finding a source of the pop-up hardware such as used in the attached image. Any pointers...
  13. dwminnich

    What's your favorite source for Craftsman replacement parts?

    A friend of mine has a 1990's-era table saw and is looking for a source of replacement parts. Since I don't have any Craftsman power tools I didn't know where to send him, but surely someone here has some ideas. I don't know any specifics about what saw he has or what part he needs. Sent from...
  14. dwminnich

    Thanksgiving Centerpiece

    We needed a new centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table, so I made this. It's based on a version I saw a few years ago in one of the woodworking mags (maybe Woodsmith, but I don't remember, for sure). I had to tweak it, so I added some subtle curves to the profile, and included some cool glass...
  15. dwminnich

    Looking for QS cherry

    Hey folks, I'm looking for a source of quartersawn cherry to use as the tops for a couple of mountain dulcimers I plan to make. Any thoughts on where I might find any? Scott Smith, do you have any cherry? Thanks,
  16. dwminnich

    Build thread: Mahogany bandsaw box

    Well, another Spring, another niece graduating from high school... means I get to play in the shop! I decided to try my hand at a bandsaw box, and after some thought settled on mahogany for the carcass with birdseye maple veneer on the drawer fronts. Here are a few shots of early on, and I'll...
  17. dwminnich

    Bread board & Knife set

    Needed another stocking stuffer, so I knocked this bread board out over the weekend. I've been seeing a lot of examples of this "inlayed curve" style of board lately, so decided to give it a try. The board is cherry/maple/morado, and the knife handle/sheath are zebra wood.
  18. dwminnich

    Best wood for a pestle?

    OK... so "best" may be going overboard, but I'll be turning a pestle for a friend and am thinking through some options. First, this will see a LOT of use, both wet and dry (think grinding spices and mixing curries). Because it will be in contact with food, I need to avoid woods that are...
  19. dwminnich

    Allwood white oak engineered flooring, make offer

    Hey folks, I just finished putting down a new floor in my basement, and have 130+ sq ft remaining. This is Allwood 5/8" prefinished engineered flooring with a 3/16" oak top ply. Various lengths up to 4'. Any reasonable offer (including interesting trades) considered. :) PM me if interested...
  20. dwminnich

    Bug report: Problem accessing FAQ

    On this page:, there's a link: Clicking on that link throws the following errors: Warning: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in...

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