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  1. Sealeveler

    Loads of Free Books

    Although it has probably been posted before there are loads of books covering a big range of articles. Some of the newer members might find some good how to books. Tony
  2. Sealeveler

    Amazon Smile Reminder

    Remember to help support NCWW by using Amazon Smile when you buy from Amazon.I had ordered something and forgot about it until I had already finalized my order. Tony
  3. Sealeveler


    It's been covered here before but this is still interesting reading. Tony
  4. Sealeveler

    Wooden Handscrew Clamps

    Good price on 8" wooden clamps. Tony
  5. Sealeveler

    Woodcraft Sale

    Woodcraft has some items marked down,always need an excuse to buy a tool.:gar-Bi Tony
  6. Sealeveler

    Another Bosch Freebie

    Got the free Bosch adapter and saw blade yesterday,don't know if it's still going but here is the link. Tony
  7. Sealeveler

    Mitutoyo Caliper at Tyler Tool.Code sale75. Tony
  8. Sealeveler

    Diamond Stones

    Which is more preferred for knife sharpening,interrupted surface or continuous surface diamond stone and which brand.TIA Tony
  9. Sealeveler

    Electrical on Craigslist

    Lot of shops being built.No connection. Tony
  10. Sealeveler

    Name Plaque

    Here's one of the name signs I made for Christmas orders.Walnut and cherry and 24" long.My photo skills are lacking as I tried to clean up the background.Tony
  11. Sealeveler


    I had a bug warning last night on a desktop with a different antivirus and a trojan horse blocked on a laptop with avast this morning.Tony
  12. Sealeveler


    I am envious or whatever of everyone who has taken a class with Sir Roy.He sounds and looks like a class with him would be very informative and entertaining.I am not able to travel that far or have the funds.Tony
  13. Sealeveler


    I received some persimmon from a friend.Has anyone used it for carving.Tony
  14. Sealeveler


    I have had an offer for a load of cucumber wood from a friend.I am not familiar:dontknow: with the wood and was told it is great for carving.Does anyone have any experience with it and is it good for pickles?Tony
  15. Sealeveler


    Some people don't need to sand their wood after cutting with their scrollsaw but I am not one of them.This may be old to some but I made a sander for my Dremel out of a cotter pin with sandpaper wrapped around it.I cut the paper as wide as the thickness of whatever I am sanding and I put the...
  16. Sealeveler


    Go for members online record while waiting.Tony
  17. Sealeveler

    Walnut Problem

    A friend from mountains brought me a peice of walnut from his firewood pile and said he is burning the rest in his woodstove because that is all the wood he has.If I contacted a firewood supplier on the phone to deliver to an address,how would I be sure of Quality hardwood when I live 7 hours...
  18. Sealeveler


    Had a friend drop by with 12 4x6x5' boards of sassafras and 3 6" dia cedar logs and all he wants in return is a cedar and sassafras cane.The wood has been in a barn since the mid 60s so it is dry and ready for carving.Maybe some decoys,canes and signs are hiding in it if I can figure out how to...
  19. Sealeveler

    [Problem-Other] Visits/Week

    The Visits per week counter is not very accurate.Tony
  20. Sealeveler


    Howdy NC Woodworkers,Been here awhile but just joined.I used to be a boat,sportfish,16' to 140' builder/repairman,fisherman,hunter and honeydo lister.I had back surgery in 01 and didn't behave and can't be fixed per Duke Hosp.I carve and scroll boats,bears,canes,signs and name plates so far.Nice...

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