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  1. uncledavid

    Reclaimed wood

    I am looking for exterior reclaimed wood to use on an interior accent wall. Looking for weathered look. Need enough to cover 9x 14 foot wall. Anyone know where this can be located. Need for price to be reasonable. I am in the Durham, Hillsborough area. Thanks David
  2. uncledavid

    Midi Lathe

    I am looking at buying a Midi lathe, anyone have any suggestions or comments about brands or models? also have been looking for used ones as well, are there any made in the USA? any advice would be helpful.....Tks...:thumbs_up
  3. uncledavid

    Seeking Advice.

    I am looking to buy a 14" or 16" Bandsaw. any advice? comments? feed back..Brand..I am considering a Rikon. I have a three wheel older Delta. thing has never cut straight with a fence. Had it for 25 years.....Thanks David
  4. uncledavid

    job site table saw

    Seeking advice on buying a 10" portable job site table saw, any Ideas, comments, suggestions.....Thanks...David.
  5. uncledavid

    Lathe Chuck advice.

    I am very new at woodturning, and in the last week I bought a old 12-36 jet lathe. Now I need a chuck. any advice as what to get? I have been looking at a Barracuda 2, looking for guidence from turners. Thank you so much, David. :confused:
  6. uncledavid

    Looking for Woodworking Clubs

    I am interested in finding / joining a woodworking club / group near Hillsborough. I want to learn how to do wood turning. Does anyone know of classes available in my area? Thanks David
  7. uncledavid

    Hello Everyone... Just joined this week.

    :saw:Hi .... My name is David and live in Hillsborough. I found this site by accident and was really impressed so far by what I've seen. I was introduced to woodworking by an older gentleman, Alan Austin, from Durham while working in a carpentry shop. I enjoy woodworking but by no means a...

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