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  1. JOAT

    Pin router for your shop

    I figure I could make one for less then $10, wouldn't look as pretty, but would work the same, no prob.
  2. JOAT

    Pin router for your shop

    Just ran across this, and thought I'd pass it along for anyone interested. I've got to say it's a neat idea. However, it's also something that would be plenty easy enough to make on your own, and less expensive...
  3. JOAT

    Tool column for small shop

    Thought I'd show you that the drill works great on the column. Don't even need to put my feet on the rests to hold it steady. Wish I'd thought of this long ago, could have done a lot more, a lot faster. View image in gallery
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  5. JOAT

    Tool column for small shop

    The drill press itself only weighs about 37 lbs. I put plenty of glue blocks on the outside, so there's loads of overkill in it, no telling how much weight that thing could take. Actually I put a lot more glue blocks on it (and in it) than reasonably needed, but I wanted to actually find a use...
  6. JOAT

    Tool column for small shop

    Just the one column. In the first picture the slightly rectangular wood piece in the lower right is the base for the vise - two 1/2" pieces of plywood, glued together, somewhere around 12"X14". The next picture the vise is bolted to the base, and the whole thing is atop the column. The...
  7. JOAT

    Tool column for small shop

    A bit of shop time today, where I got my new HF bench drillpress all put together. $40, new in the box, with a coupon. Hums nicely, no visible runout, I'm quite pleased. Here's a picture of it on the tool column. View image in gallery And this time I remembered to get a picture of the...
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  10. JOAT

    Tool column for small shop

    Hi guys. Been awhile. I've been hanging out with some metalworking guys, learning a lot. Awhile back I posted about a take-apart workbench I made. Worked just as expected. However. Took up a lot of valuable floor space in my 8X12 shop, and about killed my back when I used it, because...
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  16. JOAT

    File/Rasp Handles

    Feeling too ickypoo to get shop time in today. Did finally get around to googling how golf balls are made. Turns out there are two basic types, the ones made for the real golfers and pros, the three part type - outer shell, rubber band, then a rubber ball in the center, either filled with...
  17. JOAT

    File/Rasp Handles

    Like I said, didn't feel like turning any handles. And had the golf balls just sitting.
  18. JOAT

    File/Rasp Handles

    Hey Charlie. Now whatever would I need a bulldozer for? Nah, I'm making a mouser rifle. From scratch. With files. :qright5: Hi Fred. That was what I was expecting. At least rubber bands. Very surprised when all the shavings came out plastic. :eusa_danc Later Theo
  19. JOAT

    File/Rasp Handles

    No prob. I think I'll knock the turned handles off my rasps and put golf balls on them too. Definitely need to lay in a supply of golf balls, if I can find more of these.
  20. JOAT

    File/Rasp Handles

    Hi people. Been spending time on one of the metal forums a lot lately. Got a very good tip the other day and thought I'd pass it along. Had to buy a couple of new metal files. Didn't feel like turning more file handles. One of the guys had mentioned using golf balls for file handles...

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