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  1. J

    Candle Holders

    Just finished this second set of candle holders to go with set already delivered.
  2. J

    Gear making demonstration/tutorial

    There was excellent response to the first solicitation, so with Mike's help, we've locked down a date for the gear making tutorial/demonstration - Saturday Dec 11 at 1:00pm at Mike's shop. Should last about 2 hours. If you are (still) interested, reply here and I will PM you his shop address...
  3. J

    Sewing Table

    Just completed the sewing table fit to a 1950 Singer Feather Light, recently acquired by my wife. As posted under "Rule Joint" it's Sapele. Small accessory drawer under machine top.
  4. J

    Gearing Up

    Several members have asked for some details on making and driving gears. While I profess to be no expert, I've made my fair share of gears and motor systems. So this is an open solicitation on doing one or more in-shop demonstration(s) of making and using gears. Here's what I was thinking of...
  5. J

    Dark Bronze Sliding Door Handle - FREE

    Brand new in the box, never installed. We built a new home 6 years ago and the handle delivered was wrong color. Builder didnt want it so its been sitting around since then. Hope someone can use it - else it'll go to re-Store.
  6. J

    Rule Joint

    I'm about to build a small drop-leaf table and want to use a rule joint. This will be my first rule joint. Am planning on routing both the round over and cove prior to ripping the table to width to cut off any small tear-out. I'll also leave it long so I can cut off the rule in the event it...
  7. J

    Patent Approved

    I'm pleased to announce that my patent application for "Dial Clock with Counter Rotating Indicators" has been allowed by the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office). Clocks which are numbered normally (clockwise), but whose hands run backwards (counterclockwise) and yet keep correct time has been...
  8. J

    Vectric Newsletter

    I'm honored to be a part of this month's Vectric (CNC software) newsletter. If you are interested in seeing it pls go to: Joe Carr - Counterclockwise Clocks | Vectric
  9. J

    New Member in Durham

    Hello All - I am a retired, "well seasoned" woodworker of about 30 years and happy to be a new member of this knowledgeable and friendly group! In addition to furniture, a few years back, I began focusing a lot of attention on wooden gear, open face (sometimes called "skeleton") clocks. The fun...

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