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    Boy, That’s Irritating!

    I can speak for the independently owned Raleigh store that we absolutely will replace the tool. (I'd be surprised and disappointed if Woodcraft corporate or any other Woodcraft store didn't do the same.)
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    Boy, That’s Irritating!

    You definitely should return it to Woodcraft! We will replace it!
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    Sorby Trick or Treat Demonstrations

    Sorby Trick or Treat The Tricks - Chris Pouncy from Robert Sorby will be at demonstrating some of his woodturning tricks at: Woodcraft • Matthews on Tuesday, October 30. Woodcraft • Raleigh on Wednesday, October 31. Chris will be demonstrating from 2 PM until 8PM. Demos will begin...
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    Powermatic 4224B and Nick Cook

    We have all of the details worked out: Renowned woodturner, Nick Cook will be demontrating the new 4224B lathe at: Woodcraft • Raleigh on Wednesday, July 25 from 5 - 8 PM. Woodcraft • Matthews on Thursday, July 26 from 5 - 8 PM Powermatic is serving Pizza and refreshments. Door Prizes for...
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    Powermatc 4224b Nick Cook Demonstration

    Renowned turner, Nick Cook will be demonstrating the new Powermatic 4224B Lathe at Woodcraft Raleigh Wednesday evening, July 25 & at Woodcraft Matthews Thursday evening July 26. In addition to his informative ablities as a demonstrator, Nick was a major contributor to the design of the new 4224B...
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    Tung oil separation

    FYI: According to the Tung Oil supplier, the sediment is a natural occurance in the refinement of tung nuts. The amount of sediment varies crop to crop. It their suggestion, I scooped out some of the solids and it performed like tung oil should.
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    Delta 20" Scroll Saw $349.99

    FYI: The Delta Scrollsaw is on sale NOW for $349.99 at Woodcraft in Raleigh and Matthews. No need to wait until the published date. In fact, as fast as they are selling, we might be out of them by the time the sale officially starts.
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    Woodworking in the Dark

    I promised a number of you I'd let you know about the next demontration by blind woodworkers Bob Kennedy & Glenn Permar. They will be demonstrating pen turning at Woodcraft in Raleigh on Saturday, Jan. 14 @ 1:00pm. They are both accomplished woodworkers and turners. It's very inspirational to...
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    Delta Scroll Saw

    To clear up some misinformation... Woodcraft in Raleigh and Matthews have the Delta Scroll Saw in stock at an incredible $349.99 including the stand and light. While supplies last. (This is the Dewalt saw with Delta paint.)
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    Woodcraft Bag Sale

    Just a reminder... Woodcraft, Matthews and Raleigh Only, is having the Fall Bag Sale on Saturday, October 8. 15% Off Everything that fits in their bag. (with the customary exclusions, Festool, powertools, Sawstop>) Hope to see you!
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    10% Off at Woodcraft - July 23, 24 & 25

    Just a reminder, Woodcraft's Annniversay Sale is this weekend! Friday, Saturday and Sunday! 10% Off everything. (The usual exclusions - Sawtop, Festool and Leigh Jigs.) In addition, all existing inventory of CMT router bits are 30% Off. - a bit of Shameless Commerce from Herb
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    Woodcraft 15% off Bag Sale - Raleigh 3/26-27 (Fri/Sat)

    The "15% bag sale" and 10% Off Power Tools will be at both the Raleigh & Charlotte stores. In addition, both stores will have manufacture reps and an assortment of demonstrators. Refreshments as well.
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    Alan Hollar & Woodcraft Main Event

    On Friday & Saturday, March 26 & 27, NC woodworking artist Alan Hollar will be demonstrating his unique blend of woodturning and power carving at Woodcraft Raleigh. Alan and others will be joining us for our annual "Main Event." In addition to some great demonstrators, there will be a 15% Off...
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    Woodcraft Spring Sale

    There certainly seems to be some confusion regarding the sales tax for our Spring Sale and I'll blame it on "boiler plate" language in the post card that was mailed. The Spring Sale is a sale and the discount is applied to the items and taxed at the discounted price. A coupon is a form of...
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    Woodcraft's "Cash for Clunker" Tablesaw Deal

    Regarding disposal of the "clunkers" We do not have any costs associated with the disposal, but can anyone make a recommendation of a deserving charity? Jeremy in Charlotte has some thoughts down there, but I'd love to find some folks in Raleigh who might be ablee to use free clunker. Scouts...
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    Woodcraft Bag Sale - Saturday • Oct 10

    Woodcraft is having a 15% Off Bag Sale on Saturday, October 10 9:00AM - 6:00PM. Everything that fits in a bag will be 15% Off. (Except the usual exclusions... Powertools, Festool, Leigh Jigs.) However, things like Bessey clamps, dust collector hoses, vises WILL fit in the bag. Early risers...

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