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    Blum Tandem Drawer Slides

    Does anyone know where I could purchase 15" Blum Tandem drawer slides and the tip-on mechanisms? I need 10 pair, and the tip-on for 25# drawers. Richelieu supposedly has them but will not sell them to new customers. Any help would be appreciated. I have a dresser that needs to ship out at the...
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    Black flecks under hardwax oil finish?

    I Have a table that is supposed to ship out this week. It was finished five weeks ago and has been wrapped in a blanket. When I took the blanket off to do a final rub down and inspection, I started noticing grey - black flecks. The top is veneered white oak that is bleached. It has Saicos...
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    Cabinet shop tools For Sale in Swansboro

    I have the following tools for sale. Virutex EB10C Edgebander for pre-glued edge tape with a laminate cutter and an end trimmer - $1,400 Grass Hinge Borer - $300 Vacuum pump EVS DIY system from Joe woodworker - $400 I also have some Polyurethane membrane form a failed attempt at building a...
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    Two chucks on a Powermatic standing square chisel mortiser?

    I purchased a Powermatic 320 mortising machine from an estate. It has a small Jacobs chuck mounted in the larger chuck. My only guess is that the second chuck shortens the length between the chuck and the clamp that secures the square chisel allowing use of a shorter chisel / drill bit set...
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    Looking for a manual for a Bridgewood 15" bws-15a wide belt sander rebuild.

    Hi, I picked up a 15" Bridgewood bws-15a wide belt sander from an estate sale last week. It has been sitting for 15 year and all of the air hose has rotted away. It did not have the manual or schematics. The closest I have been able to find online is a manual for a Powermatic rb-25 on...
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    Sketchup Question

    I'm having problems Printing to scale for accurate templates. My parts are small enough to fit on a 8 1/2" x 14" piece of paper. So in Sketchup, I have arranged the pieces inside of a 8 1/2" x 14" rectangle. I adjust the window so just the scene I want printed is showing. Parallel...
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    Rubio Monocoat Pre-aging

    Has anyone used Rubio Monocoat Pre-aging colors with another topcoat such as Osmo or Saicos Hardwax oil? I've avoided using Rubio because of having to mix the two parts.
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    Favorite Bandsaw Guides?

    I need to replace the guides for my 17" Grizzly. Are there any aftermarket brands besides Carter that you'd recommend?
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    Vacuum Press

    Does anyone have experience making a vacuum press flip-top frame table? I am making one without plans using standard t-slotted framing from McMaster Carr. I have used a vacuum press before that was made from a kit. The Polyurethane membrane used on the kits has a 6" box joint formed into the...
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    Air Compressor Recommendations

    My air compressor stopped working this week after 10 years of hard use. It was undersized (60 Gallon, 3 HP) and never kept up with an air sander. I'm looking at 80 Gallon 5 HP and 7.5 HP compressors. Will a 5 HP compressor keep up with 1, possibly 2 sanders? I'd love to get everyone's...

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