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    Bed Post Design Question

    I'm designing some Colonial style cannon ball bedposts which will be turned out of cherry. Is there any guideline on how small a diameter should be left between turned elements above the bed rail level? I'm using 1 inch below the rail as a minimum, but above the rail with an urn, bell, and...
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    Lathe Recommendations

    I find myself in need of a new lathe as my ShopSmith is not up to turning bedposts. Since I expect to do a significant amount of spindle turning for beds, tables, finials (very small ones included), and pedestals I'm thinking that a longer bed full size is what I need. I only want to make...
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    Saw Blade Sharpening in Greenville, SC

    Does anyone know of a good sharpening service near Greenville, SC? I have previously sent my blades to Forrest and Leitz, but would sure like someone closer. thanks,
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    Building a Workbench

    I have finally gotten to the point of building a real work bench. Trying to plane on a MFT table just does not work! The plan is a Roubo style bench and I;m using Ash because it is the cheapest hardwood I can find and some old walnut that is not really suitable for good furniture due to...
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    Starting Early

    I thought you might enjoy seeing his first "shop training" experience. He clearly picked the walnut for his first project..
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    Cutting a groove for stringing

    I want to outline fairly complex part with stringing inset about 1/2 in from the outer edge of the piece. The part has straight lines, curves, and 90 degree angles that meet together. How do I go about cutting the groove 1/2 in from the edge on something like that?
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    Simple Shaker End Tables

    This week's project was a pair of pine, Shaker style end tables. They were as simple as one can get. Even the finish was natural color wipe on poly. Getting ready to cut mortises in the aprons. Cutting the table top lip. Cleaning up excess glue and sanding The final edge under the top. And...
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    A Farm Table Build

    I was asked to make a 9 1/2 foot long farm table with painted legs and Red Oak top. Here are some beginning pictures of bench construction. The benches are a little over 8 feet long and I've tried to design them to support 800 pounds. I hope they never see that, but it is possible...
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    Occasional Table out of Scrap Wood

    I've been building just using small pieces that I have in the shop already and decided to make a couple of occasional tables using leftovers. The top shown is made from lots of shorts ( and I mean 3 inches by 3/4 inches). The base was some mahogany (or mahogany family) that was just barely...
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    A Maple Bench

    Here is a bench made to fit a specific location in our house. While it is painted, I used maple so that the grain would not show through and so that I wouldn't have to deal with poplar moving on me after sawing. There are lots of mortises in this project. On the legs, I pinned all the...
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    Construction Lumber Table

    This is a project just finished using 2 by 8's that allowed me to try some different things. The general design is at least somewhat Moroccan (specifically the keyhole arch). I also included a two tone color scheme over a scorched grain surface. Since I had some very small scrap pieces, I...
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    Non Yellowing Finish

    I'm looking for a non yellowing finish for stool tops (hence pretty thick and tough) that can overcoat a waterbased, orange dye without shifting the color. Probably only need a quart so some of the true industrial options are out. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
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    Removing Resin Build Up fro Saw Blades

    I have been using Simple Green to clean resin off my blades with limited success, so I broke down and bought a product from Felder designed to remove resin. Yes, it was expensive relatively. But Wow does it work! The series of pictures below will show a 30 minute soak of Simple Clean...
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    Latest Project from Less than Perfect Board

    Here are some shots of a completed set of nightstands inspired by a board that just begged to be rescued. The entire project is walnut, and was made to compliment a bed made earlier this year. Learning to pour the epoxy was quite a challenge but I'm happy with the results on the table tops.
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    Hammer Veneer - Method Improvement Suggestions

    I am making some drawer fronts that include some thin (1/4 inch) panels. Since they are small, I decided to use some of the info. from a workshop several years ago that included hammer veneering. I made my veneer (1/16 inch thick) by planing the edge of 15/16 inch board and then slicing it...
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    Simple Candlesticks

    Here are a couple of "custom" pillar candlesticks at my wife's request. I'm not all that comfortable turning, and the edges of many of the cuts are not as sharp as they really should be. However, when sandpaper is the turning tool with which one is most proficient, that is one of the by...
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    Great Customer Service - Tools for Working Wood

    I recently bought a couple of Ray Isles mortising chisels from Tools for Working Wood; and while using one of them for the first time, the handle cracked after only making 8 mortises. I contacted TFWW to try to get a replacement handle, but they immediately shipped a new chisel which arrived...
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    Color Matching Walnut

    I am trying to work with some kiln dried walnut that has a significant amount of sapwood. I assume that I need to dye the sapwood to attempt to match the heartwood before final finishing because I do want uniform color (and fairly dark). Which dyes should I be looking for? Are there any...
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    Finishing Problem

    I made a really nice piece using walnut and wanted an oil look finish (satin) with some protection so used Watco oil. I followed the directions: flood coat and wipe off, flood coat and wipe off, and final coat. The sheen was horribly uneven so I assumed that the problem was the wood pores...
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    Walnut Headboard

    Today was the final glue up on a walnut headboard for my spouse. The lumber was from her family farm and had been air dried about 50 years. Here are some in progress pictures starting with milling the rough cut lumber.

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