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    Recommendations for decent screws

    Hi, I am hoping that someone can point me towards decent woodworking screws. I wanted to screw some steel straps on the back of a LARGE (maybe 100" long by 9' tall) display case to hold the upper glass cabinets to the bottom case, just in case I ever have grandchildren. Anyway, I bought some 1...
  2. J

    Anyone have the Powermatic 15 HH planer?

    And if so, what are your impressions. Thinking about buying one during the 15% off sale but would like feedback. Thanks in advance. Jeff
  3. J

    AFCI breakers tripping

    Hi, I am renovating an old home and had the entire structure rewired from knob and tube. Being a woodworker who can barely plug in his tools, I left the wiring to an electrical firm. :) Anyway, while working on the porch trim, I could not use my Dewalt miter saw without tripping the circuit...
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    One advantage of buying a premium plane

    Several months ago I purchased a few used planes at a good price, including a pair of Veritas skew block planes. I finally got around to "needing" them today. They were never honed, so I set about doing that. 2 PM-V11 blades, a Norton 4000/8000 water stone, and well less than 10 minutes -->...
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    Triangle Woodworkers Association have a special guest on a special night

    Hi, I thought that I would share that TWA is having one of their nationally known speakers on Friday night at 7 PM at the Raleigh Klingspor store. Tom McLaughlin, a frequent guest on Rough Cut, will be giving a presentation on design. Guests are welcome! Forgive the improper grammar, but I...
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    Lie-Nielsen customer service is just extraordinary!

    Short version: There may be similar, but there can't be any better customer service then LN Long version: About 2 years ago I purchased 3 LN bevel edged chisels. They performed great. I love their balance, they sharpen to a very good edge, and hold that edge well. However, on 2 of them the...
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    UPDATE :Michael Fortune Workshop Through Triangle Woodworker's Association

    Hi everyone, Unfortunately, Michael Fortune has had to postpone his visit to The Triangle's Woodworkers Association. He is planning on rescheduling for next year. If you sent me a check, I will shred it. TWA will also refund any membership fees for the few people that joined the club to...
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    A sitting bench a long time in the making

    Hi all, I finally finished a bench that has been a couple of years from conception. The NC Woodworking Showcase gave me the incentive to finally put a finish on the piece. I have included few photos. The bench is of mottled makore and wenge. I had created a mock-up from cardboard to elicit...
  9. J

    Our own Charlie Stickney coming to TWA on Tuesday

    Hi, I want to let folks know that Charlie will be talking to the Triangle Woodworker's Association on Tuesday about the process involved in the creation of his gorgeous segmented vessels. Meeting starts at 7 PM at the Klingspor Store on Capital Blvd (Raleigh). Guests are welcome! Jeff
  10. J

    Garrett Hack is coming to the Triangle Woodworkers Association this Friday

    Hi, I would just like to let folks know that Garrett Hack will give a talk on his design process this Friday. The presentation will take place at the Klingspor store in Raleigh at 7 PM. This preeminent woodworker will talk about how he seeks inspiration for his designs, how he chooses...
  11. J

    Lee Valley low profile clamps/guide

    Hi, I received an email from Lee Valley highlighting this offer. Seemed like a good deal to me. I always wanted something like this - now I will have 3! No knowledge of quality, but they usually don't sell junk.,44047&p=69254
  12. J

    Cutting board with bent laminations

    Hi everyone, I thought that I would post a photo of a rare specimen - a project that I have actually completed! Truth be told, it isn't even completed as I am going to add a juice groove to the back and repair a router mishap back there. But hey, if I waited until it was totally finished, the...
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    Chuck Bender to visit TWA

    Hi All Just wanted to let people know that Chcuk Bender will be coming to the Triangle Woodworker's Association meeting next Friday, the 21st. He will give a presentation on secret compartments in furniture at the Klingspor store on Capital Blvd at 7 PM. Guests are welcome, but please bring a...
  14. J

    Christopher Schwarz to speak to Triangle Woodworkers Association Friday Evening

    Christopher Schwarz is going to give a presentation on his Dutch tool chest at the Woodworking Shop on Capital Blvd. in Raleigh on Friday at 7 PM. Feel free to join the Triangle Woodworkers Association and our special guest for the evening. Please bring a chair as we may have a shortage.
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    Why was my thread closed?

    I went to respond to a comment on my dovetail thread and found it closed. Any explanation as to why? I'm sure that I may have clicked on an errant button.
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    Help me to not screw up my dovetails

    Hey everyone, I need a little help identifying where my dovetails are too tight to go together. I have hand-cut mitered dovetails in 1 1/2" mottled makore (and yes, I now know that it is a very hard wood!) for a bench and they look pretty good at this point. As is typical for me, I tend to...
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    Garrett Hack coming to TWA on Friday. A few workshop spots still available

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Garrett Hack is coming to the Triangle Woodworkers Association meeting Friday night. He will speak on "Working smart", how to be more efficient in your shop by combining machinery and hand tools. The meeting starts at 7 PM at the Klingspor store on Capital...
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    Some nice walnut at Hardwood Store

    Just an FYI if you in the market for some walnut. I was at the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville on Saturday and they have some pretty nice 4/4 and 5/4 walnut right now. Nice color, not much sapwood and fairly good widths. Better selection than you often see these days, IMO. It is mostly s2s at...
  19. J

    An aggregation of dovetails - it's a good thing this is practice!

    Hi folks, I am embarking on the building of a mottled makore bench. It is fairly simple, a 14" wide board cut in 3 lengths (for the uprights and seat) with a stretcher below and a wenge sculptural detail between the stretcher and seat. I want to use dovetails at the corners where the boards...
  20. J

    Tool Gloat - or maybe "When do you know you have too many planes?"

    OK, that last part is a trick question because we all know that you can never have too many planes! - or can you? I'm trying to become a more active member of the site, so I should introduce myself. Hi, I'm Jeff, and I am a tool addict! Anyway, I am finally getting my shop set up again after...

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