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  1. jerrye

    Storing Latex Paint

    To resolve paint in the rim: Use an 8 or 10 penny nail, drive four holes evenly spaced around the perimeter, through the rim. Think 12, 3, 6, 9 o'clock. Any paint that gets into the rim will drain back into the can. To keep paint fresh and clean: Store your cans upside down. This puts any...
  2. jerrye

    With deepest sympathy

    Am saddened for your loss Cathy. Prayers and thoughts for you.
  3. jerrye

    Happy Birthday jerrye

  4. jerrye

    Oscillating Multi Tool?

    I've had several brands of saws. In my experience, as with many tools, your satisfaction will vary with the quality of blade used. Bosch and Dremel if bought at box store; Imperial or MultiFit if ordered online.
  5. jerrye

    OK, I like Gizmo tools BUT .....

    I prefer fountain pens or Uni Ball 1 mm gel pens for most writing. If I use a ball point it usually has a space pen refill in it, because it's one of the very few ball points that doesn't skip!
  6. jerrye

    Metal banding

    Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but steel strapping comes in 3/4" and 1 1/4" and is painted black.
  7. jerrye

    Blast from the Past Saw Blade

    With the rake on those teeth, probably cut a lot of things you didn't intend to cut!
  8. jerrye


    I have recently seen how this can be addressed in longer videos on YouTube. Some videos are broken into sections, with a list of content in the description below the video, complete with links that take you directly to that section of the video. These can be recognized by the red line showing...
  9. jerrye


    Recognizing our mistakes is best achieved by having multiple sets of eyes (ears, etc.) on the work in the process of creation. I have done pre-publication proofreading for several people, and have found mistakes that the writer never saw. We know what we intended to write, so our minds normally...
  10. jerrye


    Just to be clear, long videos don't bother me. Long videos that could be a LOT shorter and still accomplish their goal do. As a pastor, I know the value of getting to the point quickly and clearly. Many videos that I watch don't do that.
  11. jerrye


    Personally, most of the maker/craftsman/tool review videos that I see on YouTube could achieve their goal just the same if they were half or two thirds shorter than they are. I don't know of many people who want to sit through 10 minutes + of a video that actually has 3-4 minutes of value. I...
  12. jerrye

    Hawaii wood show

    When we were in Honolulu in September 2006, I saw that year's wood show. I got some pics of amazing woods, and amazing work done with those woods. These are only a few...
  13. jerrye

    Oscillating Multi-tools: What do you have? What's good? What's bad?

    I have a couple of these, a Ryobi 18v and a corded FastCraft that I got at Costco. Both work well for what they are designed to do. I started with the Harbor Freight model, then went to Sonicrafter before settling on my current tools. Blades make more of a difference with these tools than with...
  14. jerrye

    Battery Powered Chainsaws

    I have the 12" bar brushless Ryobi, and it cuts great for what it is designed to do. It is my go-to limbing saw. I also have the Greenworks 80v 18" saw. It impresses someone every time I use it. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes. No vibration; quiet enough to use without hearing protection; not as...
  15. jerrye

    Slidin Miter Saw Advice

    I bought A 12" Hitachi slider from CPO. Look at what they have to offer. The biggest advantage a recon tool has over a new one, other than price, is that every single unit is tested before shipment, whereas new tools only have representative samples pulled from the line and tested.
  16. jerrye

    Anyone recommend a cordless router?

    +2 on Ryobi, with a caveat... I've had one of these routers for a while. As mentioned above, for what it is it performs well. Mine has always had an issue with the depth adjustment slipping. No more than I use mine, I just check it from time to time in use. If I used it more I'd address and...
  17. jerrye

    I'm Going To Need Some Sunglasses

    In y'alls opinion, will a single unit replace a two bulb flourescent fixture?
  18. jerrye

    Cartons and packing supplies

    52/17/4 is likely a non-standard size carton. I doubt you'll find anyone with those on the shelf, though you might get close with a five panel folder or telescopic. My recommendation would be to find standard cartons that you can adapt to your needs, using more than one if necessary to make up...
  19. jerrye

    A place to sell work

    After more than a quarter century of sales experience, much of that spent looking for the perfect, one-size-fits-all pitch, I can attest to the accuracy of this statement.
  20. jerrye

    Tick Stick

    That would not work like what I suggested, as the stick would still be higher than the opening you're trying to measure. IMO the imprecision comes from the end of the stick and the corner being measured having different heights. Not significantly different, perhaps, but different nonetheless...

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