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  1. jerrye

    Stealth gloat and question

    Scored a used-only-once DW734 planer for $260, but the manuals are missing. Where can I find them to download? TIA
  2. jerrye

    Multifit blades: superior service

    I recently ordered a replacement washer and bolt for my Ryobi cordless oscillating tool from Multifit Blades. The tracking showed it waiting in a USPS facility in NY for several days. This is not unusual IMO, as I have had tracking for packages that shipped via USPS show still in the location of...
  3. jerrye

    Home error

    Whenever I select "Home" in an effort to go to new posts, I get logged out and have to log in again. This happens with no other button selected.
  4. jerrye

    First attempt finished

    Center medallion, painted white, is the scrollsaw work. Pattern by Sam Custodio. The backer and framing of the medallion is my idea. I'm happy with it; soon I'll find out if the recipient is also happy with it.
  5. jerrye

    Second attempt: getting better...

    Second real scroll saw work, done as a Christmas gift for the inlaws. Jet saw; Pegas MG 2/0 & #1 blades; 1/4" craft store ply; Steve Good pattern. I think I'm getting the hang of this, and I like it!
  6. jerrye

    First attempt; not bad, I think

    First real scroll saw work. Cut for a friend, using a Jet saw, Pegas Modified Geometry #1 blades, 1/4" craft store plywood. Pattern by Sam Custodio; pattern modifications by inexperience. I'm happy with it.
  7. jerrye

    Gallery page down?

    Haven't been able to get the gallery page to open at all so that I can upload some pics to post. Get "This page isn't working" and "HTTP error 500" messages. Windows 10 home, Chrome browser
  8. jerrye

    Jumped in...

    Just bought a saw. An entry level model that received fairly good reviews. I have an idea for a simple stand that I can build, that will work for my current storage situation. Now, I'm looking for suggestions on videos/web sites for learning and equipment, as well as beginner projects... TIA!
  9. jerrye

    Greenworks 80v battery chain saw

    Having an occasional need for a chain saw is a great way to kill a gas unit, as I learned with a Stihl 020 that I have. My hand saw is more than capable for larger cutting (10"+), but with this saw the engine gives out too quickly. So, I went on a search for a chain saw for occasional use...
  10. jerrye


    I have finally procured a decent table saw. I know I'll need feather boards, push sticks, jigs, and the like. I'll also need good blades for ripping, crosscutting, and sheet goods. I will be getting opinions from the brain trust here for those. Right now, I need to clean it up a bit and...
  11. jerrye

    Wood suitability and storage question

    There are some good deals on used lathes in this area, so I've been thinking of getting one. I have a goldenrain tree that I need to remove, and I'd like to know if anyone can tell me if it's worth keeping for turning stock. If I had to guess I'd say the trunk is between 6"-8" in diameter from...
  12. jerrye

    Circ saw blade

    I mostly work with sheet goods and melamine coated board. What blade for a circ saw have you found yields minimum chipout? 7 1/4" size, BTW. TIA :thumbs_up
  13. jerrye

    Scrolling, scrolling along...

    I have been admiring (and have taken advantage of through purchase) the work of scrollers here for some time. I have had in the back of my mind that scrollwork would be something new I'd like to try. Given that I'm dipping my toes in to see if I like it & have the aptitude for it, what would...
  14. jerrye

    A sticky question...

    I need to adhere a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet to 1/2" CDX ply. This will be used as a chair mat for my wife in her craft room. What adhesive would the BORG collective suggest I use? Is there any specific or special prep work that I should do to the ply? I tried some carpet adhesive that a...
  15. jerrye


    Ran across this surfing this morning. Has anyone built these? Looks like a great design, and would fit well within my needs. If no one else has built this, I'll review them after I do...unless one of you builds them before I get around to it, in which case YOU can review!
  16. jerrye


    There is a mill nearby that saws & sells cypress. I need to replace the sides on my utility trailer, and this guy's pricing on cypress seems good. Would cypress be suitable for such use? If his wood looks good, I think I see some projects in the future... :eusa_danc
  17. jerrye


    For the last few days I get an intermittent (yeah, I know, the hardest issue to solve) error screen whenever I navigate the site. It is not always due to the same action; it may happen once per visit or 3 times in succession. It may occur when attempting to read a post or navigate to another...
  18. jerrye

    Tapping into the brain trust....

    I have a 48" wide, 72" tall, 20" deep pantry that I must attach to the wall in order to prevent it's falling over. The issue I'm facing is that there is a pocket door in the wall directly behind where it is going. I thought about attaching a long 4/4 board to the back of the cabinet, extended...
  19. jerrye


    My wife needs a shower seat to make things easier on her. There is a mill <5 miles from where I am now that specializes in cypress. Would this be a good choice for this type of wet environment? I also assume I need to use SS hardware & fasteners.... TIA
  20. jerrye

    New crib requirements

    I suppose this is in the right forum. If not admins please move. Saw this on iGoogle home page & thought it might be of interest here.

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