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  1. SCJim

    The Forge Greensboro

    My wife and I are interested in the Forge Greensboro Makers Place. Anyone belong to this group? My wife and I are moving to Randleman in April and looking for woodworkers club. I have belonged to the Charlotte Woodworkers in the past and looking for a club near Randleman. Any other ideas of a...
  2. SCJim

    40W CO2 Laser Engraving/cutting Machine Help/Training

    I am new to laser cutting and right off have some issues. I would like to get some training. Any ideas? I have a $400 chinese laser ( 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine). I have no illusions that this machine will do what I would like to do but I thought this was a good way to learn without laying...
  3. SCJim

    Wood Burning

    My wife would like to get into wood burning. She is an artist and would like to do a combo of painting and wood burning. Any suggestions on a GOOD starter set. Something of decent quality she can try but not break the bank in case she doesn’t like to do burning. Also, anyone have a used set...
  4. SCJim

    Roof slate

    My wife is looking for roof slate for art projects. New or used..ugly is good too as long as they are somewhat full size. Must be cheap or free would be better. We live near the Charlotte Area (Tega Cay/Fort Mill, SC.) and will pick up. The 31st. we are going to South Port/Willington area and...
  5. SCJim

    Mineral spirits Vs traditional thinner?

    When should I use mineral spirits over traditional thinner? I just invested is some really good brushes and was told to use ONLY mineral spirits for cleaning the brushes. Is that true?
  6. SCJim

    Need new miter saw blade-question

    I want to change the blade on my 10” miter saw. The saw is over a year old and I still have the 60 tooth factory blade. Most of my cutting is pine but I do cut some hardwoods too. I just put a Freud thin cut kerf blade on my table saw and it is great. So what all that said, since I seem to have...
  7. SCJim

    Shellac wash coat question

    I plan to make a wash coat of a mix of 1:1 shellac and alcohol and apply over pine. Then apply a penetrating stain and a topcoat. This is for a TV stand that I am making. So the questions are: Is this a OK mix & procedure? (I have been experimenting with Zinsser Amber Shellac and I like the...
  8. SCJim

    What is a “planer blade”

    I have some ¾” thick and some 2”x2” cherry to cut and want a smooth cut using my table saw. Someone told me to get a “good planer blade” for my table saw. I went to Lowes and Home depot and they both try to sell be blades for a planer. Google search bring the same results. So what is a planer...
  9. SCJim

    Random Orbital Palm Sander suggestions

    I am looking to replace my Random Orbital Palm Sander which I just broke. I hate sanding and would like to replace it with a better orbital palm sander. Any suggestions? I don't what to break the bank, just a good sander at a reasonable price!! I have arthritis in by wrist and sanding kills me.
  10. SCJim

    What is eCabinets???

    I see ecabinets talked about on this here but when I log into the eCabinet site I see no way to purchase it. Is it free?? Or just a trail then they hit you with the fee??
  11. SCJim

    butcher block treatment

    I just installed a new butch block counter top on a island in my kitchen. What treatment would be best for this top? Where can I purchase…I live in SC south of Charlotte (Tega Cay area).

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