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  1. SCJim

    RDU Lunch - Friday April 16

    Thank you
  2. SCJim

    The Forge Greensboro

    My wife and I are interested in the Forge Greensboro Makers Place. Anyone belong to this group? My wife and I are moving to Randleman in April and looking for woodworkers club. I have belonged to the Charlotte Woodworkers in the past and looking for a club near Randleman. Any other ideas of a...
  3. SCJim

    RDU Lunch - Friday April 16

    My wife and I are a maybe. We are moving from Fort Mill, SC to Randleman by April 1. Any date set yet? Jim & Connie Barnes
  4. SCJim

    40W CO2 Laser Engraving/cutting Machine Help/Training

    I think I watched every You Tube video on this type of laser. I power up the machine and it comes on ( the lights, fan, pump, but not the laser itself. Not sure if something is wrong with the laser or if I am doing something wrong. This morning I did get a email from Suncoo and they asked for a...
  5. SCJim

    40W CO2 Laser Engraving/cutting Machine Help/Training

    I got the SUNCOO 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine Desktop Engraver Cutter
  6. SCJim

    40W CO2 Laser Engraving/cutting Machine Help/Training

    I am new to laser cutting and right off have some issues. I would like to get some training. Any ideas? I have a $400 chinese laser ( 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine). I have no illusions that this machine will do what I would like to do but I thought this was a good way to learn without laying...
  7. SCJim

    Beetle Kill Pine

    I wonder if Rocky at West Penn Hardwoods could get some? I would buy some but I'm sure the amount I would buy would not be worth it to him. Maybe if we would we would take some sort of petition (maybe not the right word) as to see who is interested. We just may have enough buyer to make it worth...
  8. SCJim

    Hello fellow woodworkers

    Welcome Dwayne Jim Tega Cay, SC
  9. SCJim

    Hello from Florence SC

    Welcome Drew, You are not the only SC guy on this site. Jim, Tega Cay, SC
  10. SCJim

    Help on pine finishing

    I apply Zinsser Bullseye amber shellac all my pine furniture before I stain. I thin it with denatured alcohol by a much as half and half. Then I apply a top coat(s) of uncut amber shellac.
  11. SCJim

    Hey from Crowders Mountain

    Welcome Michael. Jim from Tega Cay, SC
  12. SCJim

    What craft shows in 2017?

    Wife & I have been doing "craft Shows" off and on for 20+ years. Mathews Alive is one of the best also the shows in Maggie Valley,NC.We have never done well at schools or church's. That is unless your kids go to that school or your belong to that church. We do well at the Tega Cay Fall Festival...
  13. SCJim

    Different for me too

    Al is a master!
  14. SCJim

    Western NC workshops?

    I'm in for the Charlotte Area.
  15. SCJim

    Klingspor Discount ??

    I was at the Hickory Store a couple weeks back and was told nothing on sale or with a cord is discounted!
  16. SCJim

    Mid Winter Blahs Picnic 2017 - Date Poll

    Thank you. I'm sure my wife would also like to go. Jim Tega Cay, SC
  17. SCJim

    Mid Winter Blahs Picnic 2017 - Date Poll

    Either date is OK with me. What town/city will this be in?
  18. SCJim

    Wood Burning

    Thanks to all of you for the wood burning advice. I even learned a new word…pyrography. Well here are the net results: Ordered a starter book Going to Klingspor today after church. Buying a Cotwood Club Mega Kit. My wife is taking a Michele Parsons class as soon she can. And driving over to...
  19. SCJim

    Wood Burning

    My wife would like to get into wood burning. She is an artist and would like to do a combo of painting and wood burning. Any suggestions on a GOOD starter set. Something of decent quality she can try but not break the bank in case she doesn’t like to do burning. Also, anyone have a used set...

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