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    Need ideas for charity auction

    Haven't posted in a couple years, but sold my business and should have some more free time while the company that bought mine pays me for 'not sure yet' ;-). anyway, was asked to contribute a piece to the school auction and I still have some of the great quarter sawn maple from Southern...
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    Grizzly spiral cutterheads on sale

    They are on sale right now for about 1/2 off for the 15" planer. I went cheap and got off brand cutterheads a couple of years ago and have been doing more sanding than I should. biting the bullet to replace them all with new Grizzly brand. lesson learned-i had read that using non original...
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    Kidney shaped table-added curved legs and bottom shelf

    I just couldn't reconcile my straight legs after posting pictures up here because i realize the legs just didn't correspond to the table top: So, i decided on a curved leg and ended up going with four legs instead of three as I wasn't sure how to add the bottom shelf with only 3 legs, or at...
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    Finished-kidney shaped coffee table

    After posting about different ways to do this job, i ended up creating a big outline that i got printed at Kinkos and then cut a template out of 1/8 plywood. This project used Jeff's maple from Illinois and it is beautiful (if not easy to work-he was right that sanding was tough). It is the...
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    creating a template for a kidney shaped table

    I saw a kidney shaped table on Amazon that i liked a lot ( and would like to replicate with a few of my own touches. but i have never know how to make a template or draw out something like this. I have always been fairly...
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    crappy screws-anything better at big box stores?

    I finished up a cubby system for our mud room trying to reduce the chaos. As part of that I ordered a bunch of coat hanger things that came with incredibly lame screws. I have pre-drilled the holes and used 3 different bits trying to get the perfect fit. i got 2 screws in with no problem but...
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    14 inch vs. 17 inch bandsaw

    Now that i have some nice 2 inch wood (QS Hard maple from Jeff) i feel the need to buy a bandsaw for some re-sawing capabilities. All along i was thinking about a 17 inch Grizzly but in looking at the Laguna SUV 3hp 14 inch, it has more power and 2 inch more resaw capacity than the Grizzly...
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    Drawer Pull question

    I have 6 desk drawers for which i need pulls. They range in width from 14 inches to 22 inches. I would like them to be uniform so i assume they need to be at least 4 inches or so? Also, would like to find some in solid wood that complement what the desk are made of: 1 walnut desk, 1 white oak...
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    Saw Stop trigger

    My 81 mom and dad have stayed with me most of the last 12 weeks and will be here 5 more as my dad gets cancer treatment at Duke. Today I was in the shop working on making drawers (my first effort at drawers). I was cutting an inch off of a few pieces because i had figure the dimensions wrong...
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    Christmas Goodies

    two from my secret santa and the Chisels were a gift to myself.... I know i can make a jig myself but hadn't done it so it made a perfect gift. anyone else get some goodies?
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    working on a base for desks for my kids

    I am currently working on desks for each of my 3 kids. 1 is walnut, 1 is QSWO, and 1 is red lyptus (i think-got it at Hardwood Store a while ago). anyway the tops are going to look like this: The link with a couple of other shots of this desk is here...
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    shop apron

    My family has always celebrated the feast of St. Nicholas on December 6th and give each other little presents. anyway, this morning St. Nicholas brought me a shop apron (Bucket Boss). I never thought about getting one for myself but wore it around the shop today and it is kind of nice not...
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    Best plane for smoothing out glue ups?

    What plane do you all recommend for smoothing glue ups? I am realizing that power tools and my Festool sander are very nice, but that doesn't mean they are the best way to go. I thought that many of you were over-romancing the hand tools, but after working with a card scraper i am now properly...
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    clothing in the shop

    have you ever gone to the shop for one quick thing to do and, contrary to your significant other's warnings, ended up staying there a little longer and getting glue or epoxy or whatever on your new work pants/shirt?. just asking, not because it happened to me tonight. really!:BangHead::)
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    Sutherland Welles Murdocks Hard Sealer

    It seems very expensive so i have avoided it for a long time. But i need to finish something and want an alternative to waterlox (which i normally use). I had been tempted before but couldn't pull the trigger. I ordered a gallon of the hard sealer and a quart of the Hard Oil. 179.00 total...
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    I have a screw loose

    unlike the figurative screw loose that i have always had, one of the bolts that holds a cutter on my Grizzly spherical cutterhead planer is getting loose and has now raised up twice, creating a nasty groove in some very nice wood. at some point there was a fairly big trauma to that side of the...
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    question about making a nakashima inspired bed

    Hello, i want to make something like this bed, and bought a slab for this purpose. I think i can figure out mounting the slab. The question i have is how to secure the second level of the bedframe to the first level. I am thinking there may be some cross braces going from the head of the bed...
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    Modern Book Case =follow up to original post

    a while ago i posted to get advice about a modern looking book case that had metal supports. I decided that it was too complicated and instead decided on something that was all wood and didn't have the supports taking up space in the storage area. so, went to google images and liked this...
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    using scrap wood

    I have burned so many small pieces of good looking wood that i finally decided i needed to use them somehow. I also needed a distraction from finishing another project so i started gluing up pieces after cutting all of them 7/8 wide and either 12 or 36 inches long. I should have been more...
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    drill press recommendations?

    I am in the process of making cribbage boards. my friend has a metal template made for the holes. It seems like a good time to get a drill press. i was just going to pick up a new bench top model but i see some older standing models available on craigslist and it seems from reviews these...

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