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    Nova Orion

    I couldn't stand it any longer, had to have one ! I've had the Orion for two weeks and am looking forward for many years of use out of a very fine lathe. It has an 18" swing, comes standard with a 22" bed extension, rotating head stock and of course the variable speed DVR motor. Do you think it...
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    Nova Orion Lathe

    Has anyone seen or read about the new Nova Orion Lathe. Go to Acme Tools to see and read about it. I think I might put this one on my bucket list. It should be available within the next 30 to 60 days. What do you think?
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    Sealing green wood

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed or not,but here goes.. I just recently had a large maple tree cut in my woods. I have cut several short logs into slabs for future use.My question is this. Do I need to just seal the end grain of the slabs ( keeping in mind that the bark is on two sides of...
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    Miter sled

    Can anyone recommend a site for building a miter sled, for cutting segments on a table saw? Thanks.
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    Thompson Turning Tools vs. Others

    Hi everyone! What are some of your likes and dislikes of the Thompson turning tools vs. some of the other brands that you might own? I have some Sorby's and Penn Ind. and thought I might try a couple of Thompson's. Packard has their own brand( Sheffield Steele) that look good too. Thanks.:icon_scra
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    Sorby Slim Parting Tool

    Just thought I'd pass this info. along to everyone .Hartville Tool has the Sorby slim parting tool (item #78242) on sale for $19.98 plus shipping and also the Sorby Fingernail Bowl gouges (1/4" for $39 item#88351), (3/8" for $49 item#77870), and (1/2" for $59 item #77880). Go to...
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    Question for the Pro's and those like me

    Hey guys. I've had intentions of buying a right angle drill for sanding bowls. Can't decide between corded,pneumatic or battery. I can see where the corded and the hose on the pneumatic could be in the way at times. I did purchase a right angle Hitachi 12V Li-Ion the other day (last one) on...
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    Likes and dislikes

    Has anyone purchased the Delta vs lathe yet? What are your likes and dislikes about it. I've thought of maybe buying one. What say you?:dontknow:
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    Packard Woodworks

    I was instructed by my wife to pick out a b'day present so I decided to make a trip to Tryon and visit Packard. They don't have a show room but you can purchase items over the counter. Just to let you all know they are very nice folk and very accommodating for "walk in's", as I was on that day...
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    Turning Tools

    Okay,I guess this question will be open for various opinions. I've noticed Packard has their own brand of turning tools and I was wondering how they stack up to others such as Sorby ,Thompson ,Crown and P&N just to name a few? And I understand as always, it comes to price and what you can get...
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    Raw Hide !

    I was just wondering if anyone out there has tried the "Titebond Liquid Hide" glue on any of your turning projects? I've read that it's not as runny as the regular wood glues and thought I might give a try someday. Thanks.:dontknow:
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    Carbide disc replacement

    Does anyone know where you can purchase round 16mm round carbide disc replacements such as the ones on the "Ci0 Easy Finisher''? I ordered a 14mm pack of ten square ones today from Global Tooling. A pack of ten for the "Easy Rougher"15mm is around $20. Hope this info helps...
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    A "Bully" in our neighbor !!

    I think it's only right to warn everyone about a "Bully" in the neighborhood. He has carbide teeth and eats hardwood as if it were butter. His name is "Peeler" from J&B Tools. I'm talking of course about my new roughing tool Santa brought me. I got to try it out today on some hickory and believe...
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    Carbide tip replacement

    Thought I'd share a site that I found for carbide tips at a very good price. This might be helpful for those of you who make your own roughing tools and a possible replacement tip for the "Easy Rougher" and other similar tools. Just thought I'd share the info. Merry Christmas.:icon_cheers...
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    Carbide roughing tools

    Has anyone tried or purchased the carbide roughing tool ( the "Peeler" ) from ? It's about half the price of the Ci1 Easy Rougher. I think I will put one down for my Christmas wish list. I was told today by J&B they are working on a tool to compete with the "Hunter Tool" for...
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    Sorby rougher and finisher

    Has any one used or seen this tool from Sorby. The tips are hss rather than carbide. I thought maybe one could by the carbide tips from another source and use them on this one. What think you? I hope you can open the link?:widea...
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    Roughing tool

    I saw this on another link and it's cost is much less than the "Easy Rougher". Thought everyone would like to see. Go to :tool:
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    Microlam ?

    Okay, I'm getting ready to show my ignorance. What is Microlam ,what is it used for,and where do you buy it? I've noticed on a couple of threads that a couple of you turned some projects from it and they looked great. Is it rough on the chisels and gouges? Thought I'd try turning some of it ,if...
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    Ci0 Easy finisher

    I guess I have several questions about this tool before I plunk down $139 + for it and I've seen the You Tube video. Has anyone ordered and used this tool, yet? Is it something I shouldn't live without or is it just hype? What kind of finish do you get with it? A better set of golf clubs won't...
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    Sign with what?

    My question is this. When you get to the point that you are brave enough to sign your name to one of your turnings, what kind of pen do you use? I know that a "Sharpie" will bleed on some wood grains and in most cases the branding irons are too large for some bowls.:BangHead:

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