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    Stanley 62 in need of love. Opinions please! (Picture heavy)

    So I happened to come into a Stanley No. 62 for a price that was really hard to pass on. There are however a few problems with the plane, while I'm not afraid of doing some work to get this thing back up and running, at some point I question is it worth it? Even though this is not what I would...
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    Help with hand Plane identification

    I have a friend wanting to clean up these planes but doesn't know who the manufacturer is that produced them. He said the only marking on the jack plane was it's made in USA. Can anyone help with me here?
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    Grinder stand assistance

    Just got a new 8 inch grinder this weekend with the oneway grinder attachments. Now I am looking at putting it on a portable stand with a 6 inch grinder as well. Just curious what others have done and if people that have build a cabinet style wished they built a pedestal version now flip it to...
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    Question about recalls

    Simply put. How long are tool recalls eligible for repair or replacement? My porter cable 890 router lost performance (doesn't attain full speed and torque) so I replaced the brushes because they were chipped and the commuters looked good. Needless to say that didn't fix the problem...
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    CT 26, 36,48 owners

    I don't know if this has been posted before. The new units being produced are HEPA CERTIFIED. The older units are not. Festool is now offering a free update to make them compliant (filter and some HEPA stickers) . Just ordered mine today. Good luck...
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    Hardening the surface of wood?

    Now I'm not looking for a miracle here, just curious if there is anything out there that can harden the surface of yellow pine (even if just a little bit) without applying a film finish. I am using glued pine (its what I have on hand) for an outfeed table that will occasionally see double use...
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    Brown Poplar?

    Has anyone ever heard of brown poplar? I was at the mill today and he showed three pieces about 14 inches wide and 16 feet long. The mill mistro swore to me that it was poplar. It had a mixed color of black walnut and mahogany with a poplar grain. I am just curious because I have never...
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    Any 2HP cyclone owners out there?

    I am looking into the cyclone world after doing some work in the garage and found it harder to breath and ultimately got sick from the dust. I want to make an upgrade but I want to do it right. We have many folks with 3HP or greater and they all seem very pleased. My question is do you feel...
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    FESTOOL CT26 dust collector question

    Quick and to the point, are these tools worth the money spent? I have a 12 gallon rigid vac and it works well but I have a few complaints. 1. I hate cleaning the filter all of the time, I have tried dust deputy and it works well but the filter still clogs with fine particulate when sanding...
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    Tablesaw injury with pic. Not too bad though

    Typically I am a person that lurks in the shadows but feel compelled to have a quick safety minute with everyone. Although this is not a bad injury and only got the tip of my finger it is still an injury that could have been prevented. On the flip side to that, this was a good awakening moment...
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    Bandsaw assembly question

    So I splurged on a new bandsaw over the weekend and bought a Rikon 10-325. My question is during assembly the instructions told me to install the table and square it to the blade. I understand how to check to see if it is perpinduclar to the blade. But I do not know how to square it. The...
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    Tool belt question

    I've been lurking around in the background for a while now and have a question to ask. Are there any sort of specific maintenance practices that sould be done to a leather tool belt such as oiling. I would like to have a new purchase last for a long time. My only concern would be that adding...
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    Cabinet door router bits

    Today I went to Lowes and they had the Bosch ogee raised panel bit along with the ogee stile and rail bit on clearance for half off. Approx $55 for each one. The New Bern store was sold out but many other stores still have some. The 10.8 volt lithium ion Bosch batteries were on clearance for...
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    Cryogenic treating

    I stumbled across this along time ago. Has any one ever tried this process. This has the potential to save tons of money on tools, from hand planes, chisels, to power tool blades. Any thoughts?
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    New guy here.

    Well to start off with this is a great site. Its excellent to goto a website and not see that it is filled with egos. I first moved to NC in 2000 originally from WI (9 yrs) and IN (8 yrs) because of the USMC, I got out in 2004 and am happy that I'm still here. I was first introduced into...
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    A dust collection query.

    Hello everybody, I'm a new guy here to this site. Let m start off by saying that this is a great site. It is finally nice to go to a forum site and not feel as though people have giant egos. Now on to the question at hand. I have been thinking on this dust collection (more like managing)...

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