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  1. leftoflefty


    +1 for Rick at The Woodowrking Source. I just picked some up from him a few weeks ago. He treated me right. :thumbs_up:thumbs_up
  2. leftoflefty

    Desk Clock

    Looks great!! :thumbs_up
  3. leftoflefty

    Started my workbench!

    Good luck. It's looking great so far. :thumbs_up:thumbs_up I feel a new bench in my near future as well.
  4. leftoflefty

    Mission Completed

    Mission accomplished. Great looking piece. :thumbs_up
  5. leftoflefty

    QSRO Side Table

    I like it!! :thumbs_up:thumbs_up:thumbs_up
  6. leftoflefty

    More jigsaw puzzles

    Very nice. Did you take the pictures? That bridge looks a lot like the bridge at City Lake Park in Jamestown, NC. Regardless, very nice work.:thumbs_up:thumbs_up
  7. leftoflefty

    Sharpening Turning Tools??

    Thanks guys. I appreciate all the info. :thumbs_up
  8. leftoflefty

    Sharpening Turning Tools??

    Thanks Jim. What kind of grinder would you suggest? I think the one I have is an old B&D or Craftsman. And what kind of jigs? Are there some that you can buy or are you talking about ones that you have made?
  9. leftoflefty

    Sharpening Turning Tools??

    So my FIL loaned me his lathe because he doesn't really like turning all that much. He also threw in his turning tools. I was in the shop the other day just experimenting with turning and I'm pretty sure the tools need to be sharpened. I keep seeing videos of turners sharpening their tools...
  10. leftoflefty

    Hello from Boone

    Welcome to the group. I'm getting started in turning myself. It's interesting to say the least. Good luck in your new woodworking venture. It's addictive. :gar-Bi
  11. leftoflefty

    Tool Cabinet: Completed Construction Phase

    WOW Donn, that looks very very nice. :thumbs_up:thumbs_up I could use one of those in my shop. Job well done!
  12. leftoflefty

    Woodworking Advice and Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches

    This is great!!! :rotflm::rotflm:
  13. leftoflefty

    An aggregation of dovetails - it's a good thing this is practice!

    That looks really cool. I would also like to put in my vote for progression photos. :gar-La;
  14. leftoflefty

    Play Time......

    Very cool. :thumbs_up:thumbs_up
  15. leftoflefty

    NE Pecan Bowl

    Very nice!:thumbs_up
  16. leftoflefty

    This Saturday's lumber Run at Scott Smith's

    Sorry I missed the lumber run. My grandmother was admitted to the hospital on Friday and I needed to get to see her. Thanks for posting pictures though. :thumbs_up
  17. leftoflefty

    Jewelry Box

    :thumbs_up:thumbs_up I like the box joints. I'm still trying to get mine that tight.
  18. leftoflefty

    Turnings for the wife to take across the pond

    Looking good. I could really use one of those back scratchers. :gar-Bi
  19. leftoflefty

    Bench Top Bench

    Very cool. I like the look of it. Looks pretty solid. :thumbs_up
  20. leftoflefty

    some small turnings


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