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    Best wood for a bass guitar?

    My son is actually about half way thru a bass build project. He researched the heck out of it and ended up using alder for the body. Fortunately (for him at least) his dad happened to have a good quantity of alder in the lumber storage area so he helped himself to some of the thicker pieces...
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    Selling Most of My Stuff?

    Please allow me to tell you the story of my great grandfather. When he retired, his wife (with some help from some informed friends) bought him a modest woodworking setup. Nothing special from an equipment standpoint but enough to get it done. As the years and decades rolled by, grandpa would...
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    Router Workshop Anyone?

    Joe, I would be interested in participating. I am available any weekend in January other than the 11th-12th. I have always felt that I have "under-used" my routers and would be interested in more of the non-standard use and some fixture usage. Also, based on response to a post I did a few...
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    Radial Arm Saws

    After being a woodworker for about 30 years I finally added a Radial Arm Saw to my shop a few months ago and am very happy that I did. I bought a Ridgid (Home Depot) unit on craigslist for $175 and was very pleased with the quality of the tool. It seems to be pretty well guarded so I do not...
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    Selling my shop due to heath and finance reasons and need advice

    As others have expressed, sorry to hear that you may be unable to continue woodworking. I believe that it is "therapy" in may ways but you know best your capabilities. Another thing to consider might be an auction house. One that comes to mind is Iron Horse. I track their auctions and things...
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    Need to locate a high quality cabinet door manufacturer- prefer central NC location

    I am starting on my next home project which is a new kitchen. I plan to use clear alder for the cabinets and looking to save time and get the project finished, I would like to outsource the cabinet doors. Can anyone recommend a local company within a couple of hours of Greensboro that builds...
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    Recommendations on dovetail joint guides or templates?

    Thanks to all for the input on the dovetail jog question. Based on the numerous recommendations, I ordered a Porter Cable from Amazon for $149. I am looking forward to getting it set-up and into use in my shop. Regards, Larry
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    Recommendations on dovetail joint guides or templates?

    I just entered a long post in the DIY section about our upcoming kitchen and bath renovations and our need to find a great designer to work with on the projects. As I think about how I will approach the cabinet work, these big projects might be a good time for me to upgrade my approach to drawer...
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    Anyone know a great kitchen and bath designer?

    I am getting close to wrapping up a large closet organizer project (I will post pictures in a couple of weeks when it is completely done) and starting to think about the next two pending projects. They are big ones! We will be tackling a master bath renovation and a kitchen remodel. As you might...
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    Grizzly Customer Service

    Maybe they have gotten better over the years. The last Grizzly tool I bought (I no longer buy from them) was a benchtop planer. It had a 1/4" rock in the bed; I am not kidding, it was really a 14"! They wanted to send me a replacement bed rather than a new planer. Then they wanted me to pay to...
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    Tired of brushing on varnish!

    Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions. From the posts offered, it looks like an HVLP set-up might be the best way for me to go. I suspect that my pancake compressor might not have the capacity to support the spraying so this will need to be an additional purchase. Interesting comment on...
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    Tired of brushing on varnish!

    For 25+ years I have been brushing on varnish coats and am always thinking that there has to be a better and quicker way. That said, I know nothing about spray units, spray guns. viscosity, etc... Does anyone have a suggestion on a simple, relatively low cost spray system / method that produces...
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    Not too Much, Not too Little, I Think Just Right

    A draw knife is a great tool and I think easier to control than a plane. I use them quite often in my canoe paddle building. Nice job on the mantle piece! I once had one 8' long cut out of ash like that. I sure hope that yours is either quite a bit lighter than mine was or that you have a strong...
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    Is it worthwhile to sharpen table saw blades or just buy new?

    Over the years I have had marginal results with having my saw blades sharpened. The sharpened blades do not seem to cut as cleanly as new and they do not stay sharp for very long. As a result, I generally will buy a new blade vs. having them sharpened. So I have this stack of sawblades and yet...
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    Has anyone out there worked with Beech lumber before?

    Thanks for the reply and the comments Bas. The lumber is flatsawn.
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    Has anyone out there worked with Beech lumber before?

    Hi all, I have an opportunity to pick up a stack of beech lumber. I have not worked with this material before. Does anyone have any experience working with it? This is rough-sawn, kiln dried material. How does it machine and any issues with chipping and/or tear out? How does it take a finish...
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    Do belt sander belts go bad over time?

    Thanks to all for the input on my post. Lesson learned. As one post questioned, these were all kept in a storage unit which got quite hot during the summer. No more bulk purchases for me on belts.
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    Do belt sander belts go bad over time?

    In an earlier post, I mentioned that I am finally back in action from a woodworking standpoint after a three and a half year absence due to living in a rental property. Now that we have our own home again I am busy making replacement cabinets. I had a lot of 3" x 18" belts left which had now...
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    Planer and Band Saw

    Comment regarding resawing wood and what band saw to buy. Unless you expect to get into some really extreme wood, I think that a 14" band saw is fine. I have a 14" Jet bandsaw and just finished resawing some 6" hickory. Got the job done with no issues. I am sure that some of the bigger bandsaws...
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    Finishing Hickory

    Our family recently bought a house in Climax NC and FINALLY, after three plus years of renting and the tools being in storage, I have a functioning woodworking shop again. Life is good. The house needs quite a bit of work as it sat empty for 3 years before we bought it. Naturally, one of my...

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