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    CPowell Back for More

    Been a while since I last visited. Work took over my life for a few years, but I finally decided to back off a little. Moved from Rocky Mount to Swansboro about 18 months job...retired April 2020 when Covid reared its ugly head. (I felt there was too much exposure visiting crowded...
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    Equilibrium Moist ContentRev1.xls 2019-04-16

    EXCEL spreadsheet for Wood Moisture Content. Enter Temp (Deg F) and RH (percent). Calculates Equilibrium Moisture Content per the equation referenced on the LHS of the sheet. Sheet is protected but you can unprotect by selecting "Tools", "Protection", "Unprotect Sheet".
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    48 inch table repair

    I've seen Dan's work in the photo gallery and in various posts here and recommended him. Awaiting a response from my daughter.
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    48 inch table repair

    My daughter and SIL have a 100+ year old dining table that needs veneer repair. Table is 48 inch round with 2-3 insert leaves. They live near Yanceyville, NC. Does anyone here want to look at this for them? Reply/send a PM and I will get you in touch. Awaiting more pics. Chuck
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    TS blade sharpening

    I haven't sent off blades in a few years now. Used Dynamic Saw previously. Where do you send yours?
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    4/4 Walnut

    I'd like to find 100-150 bd ft 4/4 walnut. AD or KD is fine, just not steamed. Last I checked Wall and Hdwd Store both stocked steamed.
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    How much for cherry and walnut?

    Don't know going price but am interested in 10/4 walnut.
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    Sycamore, walnut

    I like flat sawn walnut. Regardless of flat or QS, you are pretty close to me. If the wood is clear and no shake and will be KD then I would be interested in some. Chuck
  9. freezer_rust_and_cracks


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    off to the sawmill for the first time! Any advice?

    That's it - you owe me a keyboard!! :gar-La; :gar-La; :gar-La; Chuck
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    Dirty power, VFDs

    QFT. Amazing how many problems are caused by inadequate grounding.
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    Craigslist plane find

    Wow - that is a very, very good deal!! Gloat-worthy I'd say.
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    Pre-Christmas Gloat

    Whoa - good on ya for pulling the trigger!! I have wrestled with the idea myself (annually) but just can't quite commit. Gloat duly recognized, and a hearty "You Suck" to boot. :D :D :D
  14. Stanley Doweling Jig

    Stanley Doweling Jig

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    Porter Cable Router Base Recall

    I sent them a pic of the motor nameplate on my 2006 Model 7518. Thanks for posting the recall! :) Chuck
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    gift from the neighbor

    Wow that's a beauty. Great score!
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    Finished Table

    Adam - I really like the table! Would be nice to see a close up detail of the top. Thanks, Chuck
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    Moxon vise racking fix

    I use the set of spacers to prevent racking, like Mark. Once you get in the habit of using them they are quick and effective.
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    Shop drawer storage unit for my two sons

    Lucky kids to grow up with a Dad as thoughtful as you! That's a great idea and it is something to be cherished for a lifetime or two. :cool: :cool:
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    Joinery choices

    The tenon looks too wide on the through M&T. Would prefer larger shoulders, preferably haunched tenon. It is more work to make a through M&T look good at the "through" end. So I prefer closed M&T.

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