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    Looking for someone to do an Amish finish in Hickory / Newton area

    I have rustic walnut table that I made that currently has a polyurethane finish, I want to get it refinished with an Amish style post-catalized conversion varnish finish. Wanting to see if someone local to Hickory area could do it for me. Clay
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    Walnut Nightstand

    Slowly, but surely, I am making a bedroom for the LOML. I finished her nightstand today. She's tickled with it. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. It is from Black Walnut ( obtained from Jeff... ). The LOML loves the Walnut. I just hope I have enough to complete the dresser and...
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    It's down the home stretch. I have a couple of Christmas Gifts, I am working to finish. Need to put the finishing touches on the names and the drum, but I think I'll make it. I recently got a scrollsaw, and figured that scrolling names would be great practice. I am getting better at each...
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    Nuke the Trojan Man

    Well.. although, I got a giggle out of the post, I removed it. May be somewhat out of line for some of our younger site members. I sent out PMs to the 2 member's post I deleted, as well as the Moderators of the Off topic forum. I think I copied Tracy as well.. but I can't remember if I copied...
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    Project Complete - File Cabinet

    The recent issue of Woodsmith had 2 projects I really wanted to do. One was a file cabinet. I've been meaning to do a file cabinet for the last 8 years, but keep putting it off, or forgetting about it. ( btw - how do you forget about something for 8 years.. ) Anyway, the project is made...
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    Drill bit set

    It's getting close to Christmas time, and I've been thinking of some things to ask for. I need a new drill bit set. Can someone recommend a good set? If possible, I'd like to stay less than $40. But may be able to persuade the LOML, otherwise if it's a good set. ( These bits would be used...
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    Question for the braintrust.. how to attach molding

    I have a friend that has a mural in his office. He would like to "frame" the mural. Meaning, attach molding to the wall to simulate the mural is in a frame. My question is... how does one attach wooden molding to a wall? Before you answer.. please consider these facts. 1> The wall is sheet...
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    What a tangled web...

    Of Power cords. I have a couple extension cords, that I use a bit in the shop. My problem, is storage. I usually, quickly wind them around my hand an elbow and toss them somewhere, usually a corner, or on top of a toolbox. ( which could be part of my problem ). They always get tangled up...
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    Lumber Rack

    Well.. The wife is on my to finish a project, and I need to rack up some lumber I have in the shop. Since I moved ( ummm nearly 3 years ago ) I haven't put up a lumber rack. I didn't really like what I had did last time, so I found this: Lumber storage rack I was thinking of a few things...
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    Beach Bound

    Headed out to the beach this morning for the week. See you guys later!
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    Resigning as Senior Moderator

    I have been thinking about this for several weeks/months. I take the duties of a Senior Moderator as a serious job. A job that I can no longer give it the attention it justly deserves. I have enjoyed being part of the staff, but it's time to give someone else the opportunity. I am resigning...
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    As bad luck would have it

    I have to work Friday night on a deployment at 2:30am, and have to be on call all day on Saturday in case of problems. Since the picnic is about an hour from my house, it is outside of the range that I would be able to respond to any problems I may be paged for. Bottom line is I won't be able...
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    A Couple of finished projects (Another try)

    Got a couple of projects I have completed in the past couple of weeks. First, is a Twin Bed made out of some of Jeff's QSRO. I made this for a friend at work. It is for his daughter. He is doing the finishing work. Second project. I posted for this plan a while back. The LOMY decided she...
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    Post deleted,

    Well, I was watching the Snow and Yankee post closely yesterday, thought it could go downhill, but it didn't. Then we got another one posted, so I just deleted it. I did not delete the post. I thought it would defiantly go downhill. Post is here We do such a great job of handling negative...
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    Quick and EASY Holiday gift Contest... WINNER ANNOUNCED!

    First off, thanks go out to everyone that entered in this contest. There are some very talented people here. Give yourself a pat on the back. Judging this contest was very hard. The judges debated... consulted with wives... debated some more. Changed opinions, struggled and complained how hard...
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    Please show your support

    Everyone, Dave and I have created a Holiday contest in this thread. Please show your support for this contest.
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    Quick and EASY Holiday gift Contest... You have 19 days to enter!!!

    My how time flies!!!! There are 8 days left in this contest. We have some great entries already, don't miss out your chance to show off your talents! Post your entries here!!! Hello everyone. In the spirit of the season, I would like to announce a QUICK Holiday contest brought to you by the...
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    Custom Inlays

    I was looking around for medallion type of inlays. I notice that Rockler, and others offer these types of inlays. They come attached to a paper material that keeps the inlay together. Installation From Rockler: My question is, if you make your own inlays in this fashion, what would you...
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    Did anyone moderate this post?

    Did anyone throw this post into moderation? I noticed multiple posts in the same thread. I think this is the same guy that was looking for a source of wood to export a few weeks ago.
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    John Deer 959J

    I have to admit, I am a fan of History Channel's Modern Marvels. Recently, they had a show on "Saws". One of the machines they highlighted was the John Deer 959J. It's an absolute Monster. It can cut down an 18 Inch tree in 1 second, can lift 18, 000 pounds. Check out the link and see the...

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