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    Free jointer

    My father in law brought this to me Saturday morning and gave it to me. Been sitting in his shop for a while collecting dust and he said he knew I would put it to good use. My first time every using one but downloaded the PDF and going to watch some YouTube videos on setup. Any advise would be...
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    Specialty planes

    Purchased all of these for $45! Stanley router plane 71 with 4 blades and depth stop, 151 record spoke shave, 51 stanley spoke shave and another stanley plane. Oh yeah got some shellac flakes for $5. Feel like I came out pretty good.
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    Oil or wax? To prevent tools from rusting...

    I've been using 3 n 1 oil on all my hand tools. My building is not heated, cooled or insulated yet (know this plays big factor). My older planes haven't been giving me no problem but my knew low angle jack has been trying to rust seems like every chance it gets. Ive been keeping it saturated...
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    Tool wall in progress...

    These where going to be holders for my spokeshave but when I went to cut notches in them they broke so going to try again with some walnut or white oak scraps and hopefully will work out better. I'm sure had a lot to do with trying to cut with jig saw (band saw is on my list). Going to use...
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    How to price air dried walnut

    My father in law has some air dried walnut slabs he's wanting to get rid of. They are around 8ft long width varies but think most is 11 to 15 inches wide and.2 1/2 inches to 3 inches thick. I've looked at prices but everything is is kiln dried and actually milled into actual boards. Would it be...
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    Kitchen ceder shelf

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    Cloudy finish with water stones

    I'm new to wood working. I'm having trouble with sharpening. My chisels and plane iron are getting alright sharp but not what I think they should be. Also the back of my plane irons and chisel backs are cloudy. I have a 400/1000 grit diamond stone from taytool and 4000/8000 grit waterstones. The...

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