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  1. Phil S

    I need a cherry picker

    Anybody in the RDU area have an engine puller I could borrow? I need to lift a heavy mill up on its stand Thanks
  2. Phil S

    RDU Lunch Friday October 15

    Just a stones throw from the Cary Klingspor store Lunch will be at Macgregor Draft House in Macgregor Village. I will set it up for 11:30 They have a nice outdoor patio we can use Hope to see you there
  3. Phil S

    Early Christmas - FREE cabinets

    Cherry laminate cabinets in great, almost new, shape. Standard commercial millwork with the bases sitting on a separate 4“ high platform. We will removing these over the next few days and will be available for pickup this Saturday October 9 from 6am to 9am. Location is North Raleigh. These...
  4. Phil S

    Need delivery from NE Raleigh to the picnic on Saturday Sept 18

    I have a seven award plaques and a bunch of door prizes that I need somebody to take to the picnic. I have a prior commitment that requires my attendance in Rochester, NY on the 18th. Whomever can help me, I can deliver on Weds or Thursday Thanks in advance
  5. Phil S

    We are in luck

    In a world of 4K televisions, 8K drone videos, 10,20 and 25K cameras, we are in luck In luck because NCWW only needs 2K as in dollars, to meet our annual funding goal That is only 400 tickets we need to sell. We can do that !! Remember my favorite woodworker was good old Ben Franklin - I...
  6. Phil S

    Good deed just waiting for a few volunteers

    I spoke with a nice lady whom is tasked with cleaning out her late fathers woodworking shop. She described a typical shop with multiple stationary tools, multiple routers (I think see said eight) plus the normal drawers and boxes full of parts and pieces. She has no idea where to sell nor how...
  7. Phil S

    Support a fellow woodworker

    When you buy a donation (raffle) ticket you are actually paying tribute posthumously to a fellow woodworker. The woodworkers that come to mind are: Lincoln was a great timber framer but never went much further into our passion Jackson produced some furniture pieces, rather crude and stopped...
  8. Phil S

    Rethink the raffle

    No luck, never win - why bother buying raffle tickets? Ok, so rethink that. Buy some $5 tickets to support the best woodworking site around. Without your support we cannot strive to reach new levels or worst case not survive. No surprise here - funding is critical So rethink the raffle - it...
  9. Phil S

    Always great to meet other woodworkers

    I was able to meet up with Casey (oka) and his wife on Friday evening for some star gazing at 13,000 feet and then again for a great tour of Hilo and the National Volcano park including breakfast at a great diner and superb dinner on the bay. I also got a sneak, virtual peak at his to be shop...
  10. Phil S

    New concept - should work

    This year instead of just hoping, I am going to choose my raffle prize first and then buy the right ticket There are great prizes to choose from. I will leave the top prizes for others. I choose the Hilti drill and drive set. This is the same set I won a couple of years ago and I need another...
  11. Phil S

    NCWW needs some buyers

    We truly need some/many raffle ticket buyers. We are way behind in sales - we depend on these raffle ticket funds. The annual raffle accounts for about 90% of our income and while we have been able to trim our cost, much is fixed. Prior to our raffle years we depended on two donation drives...
  12. Phil S

    Neighbor needing help

    My DIY neighbor asked me to help so I came here for answers. His crawl space is too humid - he installed a new plastic membrane on the floor and added one to all the walls. What he noticed was the block was wet directly under his front door and the sill plate is reading 30% - not good Wood...
  13. Phil S

    Ladies day workshop at Phil's - postponed due to soaring Covid numbers

    The recent upsurge in Covid-19 cases is of concern to Jim and myself. We have concluded it would be best to postpone this event - Sorry This workshop is for the ladies. Jim Creaseman will be teaching the process to create Federal-style inlay fans. Jim's documented process can be found at...
  14. Phil S

    A little luck never hurts

    My shop has a 25 year old tired heat pump. I was getting ready to buy a new mini-split before the old one died. Plus a mini split would mean I could get rid of my large corner air handler and gain some floor space. Last week I started an office redo which includes a new computer room. The...
  15. Phil S

    RDU lunch Friday July 16

    Just a stones throw from the Cary Klingspor store Lunch will be at Macgregor Draft House in Macgregor Village. I will set it up for 11:30 They have a nice outdoor patio we can use Hope to see you there
  16. Phil S

    Next workshop at Phil's

    This one is for the ladies (husbands are welcome to come watch quietly). I must clear a few projects first - plan on the first or second Saturday in October Still working on the project. Mostly hand tool work - more on that later. It will be a skill I doubt your husband has. Class will be...
  17. Phil S

    Bench top criss-cross vise workshop. It did happen

    Great workshop - full day. Mike (pop-pop) did a great job with excellent instructions and better design. Almost all vises were completed - aging bodies and a drill press that would not hold alignment held us back a tad - yet a very full and productive day. And so nice to get out from under...
  18. Phil S

    RDU Lunch Friday June 18

    Just a stones throw from the Cary Klingspor store Lunch will be at Macgregor Draft House in Macgregor Village. I will set it up for 11:30 They have a nice outdoor patio we can use Hope to see you there
  19. Phil S

    I am down to one home improvement store

    I needed 12 more sheets of Advantech subfloor to finish my last room before my hardwood arrives next week. I went to Lowes on Capital Blvd, their price was 51.98 according to the rack label and verified by a ProDesk employee. But they were out so they checked with other stores and told me to...
  20. Phil S

    Nice worktop for FREE

    I saved this from a reception desk during an office demo. 72 x 23.5 x 1.25 birch plam with a steel support brace underneath. This should make a great outfeed or assembly table. Currently in my garage in NE Raleigh. I would like this gone this weekend

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