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  1. Stuart Kent

    Camp Shopbot Postponed

    ShopBot and the North Carolina Furniture School have been closely monitoring the rapidly changing news and closures. We have decided to postpone our upcoming Camp ShopBot scheduled for April 18 in Farmville. However - Bill Young (ShopBot) and Stuart Kent (NCFS Director) are filming some of the...
  2. Stuart Kent

    Camp Shopbot

    Hello All, The North Carolina Furniture School is hosting an event with the folks behind Shopbot on April 18th in Farmville, NC. The event is free and open to anyone who would like to attend, but registration is required because we are buying lunch. Shopbot founders Ted Hall, Bill Young, and...
  3. Stuart Kent

    Table for Raleigh Mayor's Office

    I delivered a table to the office of the Raleigh Mayor, Nancy McFarlane on Thursday. It is was made from a post oak tree planted in 1856 at the Dorothea Dix Mental Hospital, which was the year the hospital opened. As many of you are aware, the hospital was closed in 2005. The entire 365 acre...
  4. Stuart Kent


    I have a bunch of spiral duct pipe including elbows and wyes from my old shop that I would like to give to somebody who can use it. It ranges in size from 8" down to 4" and needs to go. PM if you're interested.
  5. Stuart Kent

    NCFS Woodturners Club Meeting

    we have a woodturning club scheduled for Saturday Sept. 7 at the DeVisconti Arts Center in Farmville, and invite any/all that would like to come. We are hoping the hurricane wimps out and we plan to go forward. However, If anyone finds themselves or their families in need please let us know...
  6. Stuart Kent

    North Carolina Furniture School update

    Hello all, The new facility is coming along and will open in the next couple of weeks. There is still much to do beyond the initial opening, so we will not have an official 'Grand Opening' until later. Several of you have inquired about volunteering to help us with things, and we are finally...
  7. Stuart Kent

    NCFS Woodturners Club Meeting rescheduled-please note!

    the NCFS Woodturners Club meeting has been rescheduled for Sunday, July 7, 2:00pm the North Carolina Furniture School 3749 W Wilson St. Farmville, NC 27828 come see our progress on the new building and sign up to volunteer with us in the Easy Wood Tools booth to hang out with my friend (YouTube...
  8. Stuart Kent

    48" Exhaust Fan Needed ASAP!

    we are looking for a 48" commercial exhaust fan to fit into an existing cut out inside the Furniture School. Thought I might send this out to the group and see if anyone has one they might donate or sell for a decent price. They are expensive new but lots of commercial buildings, farms, etc...
  9. Stuart Kent

    Permanent home, new tools, & new classes for the North Carolina Furniture School!

    Good Morning All, Mike Davis asked me to share this big news with you, (and I just invited him to come teach a class for us, so let's make that happen - who's interested?). Also several folks here on the forum have asked what the school is and how it came to be, so here is the story and the big...
  10. Stuart Kent

    NCFS Woodturners Club Meeting

    Hello All, We would like to welcome turners to visit our growing woodturning club in Eastern NC. We meet on the first Saturday of each month from 10 - 12. This month we have an exciting special announcement and some big things to discuss ahead of the upcoming American Association of Woodturners...
  11. Stuart Kent

    how do you store your chuck jaw sets?

    I am searching for a new solution for storing multiple sets of chuck jaws to keep them organized and easy to access. I'm hoping somebody here has a clever solution to share - if you do please share photos. thanks
  12. Stuart Kent

    what are your favorite non-stationary tool advancements?

    I am curious about how/which innovative new generation tools have become a game changer for you. How do they make you more efficient or improve your craftsmanship? I am looking specifically for feedback on tools like the domino, track saws, Vac Sys, joinery systems, or a great shooting plane...
  13. Stuart Kent

    curious about helical head conversion on Powermatic 221

    does anyone have experience converting a Powermatic 221 from a straight knife cutterhead to a helical head? I am considering it and would like to know how long it took you, were there unforseen costs, how difficult was it to align, etc??? thanks!
  14. Stuart Kent

    shop doors

    here is the next pair of doors in process, this pair is for the shop entry. They are mahogany veneered over Spanish cedar stave cores, 8' tall x 2 1/4" thick
  15. Stuart Kent

    Hand Tool Class

    I wanted to remind everyone that we have a hand tool class coming up with guest instructor Jim McConnell of Popular Woodworking and Mortise & Tenon Magazine. We still have a few seats available if anyone is interested. I am excited about this class and expect to learn a lot! If anyone is...
  16. Stuart Kent

    door update

    here are a few shots from the big finishing and glue up session last week. i pre-finished the panels then finished the completed door after glue up.
  17. Stuart Kent

    powermatic 221

    Does anyone have a belt driven Powermatic 221? I need some photos of the switch wiring. The coil blew a while back and I am trying to install a new starter to bring it back online. The new starter I have is the same size and rating but the connections are slightly different. I need to see which...
  18. Stuart Kent

    stave core doors

    I have been working on a door project for a friend and client in Asheville for the last few months. This spring has been unusually busy for me (which is great - but tough) so this project has dragged out longer than I wanted. The good news is that I am finally in the 'short rows' and set to...
  19. Stuart Kent

    new bowls

    I am working on a challenging new bowl project using post oak. The material was supplied and I was asked to use all of it with the absolute least possible waste. Here are a few images of the finished sample bowl and some process shots. Some of this material is in really poor condition - but...
  20. Stuart Kent

    Hosting Jim McConnell of Popular Woodworking & Mortise & Tenon for a hand tools class at NCFS

    Hello all, I am excited to host my friend Jim McConnell for a Hand Tool Woodworking class at the North Carolina Furniture School. Jim writes and edits for both Popular Woodworking and Mortise & Tenon. He is an accomplished hand tool woodworker and makes stunning furniture. I will be co-teaching...

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