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  1. Reluctant Helper

    Reluctant Helper

    Herein is my wife Violeta on the tail-end of my table saw as I split long strips of red cedar. She definately dressed for the occassion.
  2. Deck with circular stairs and gazebo

    Deck with circular stairs and gazebo

    Well, If I am to spin stairs on the inside, why wouldn't I do the same outside?
  3. Finished circular stairs -- looking down

    Finished circular stairs -- looking down

    Who wants to look over their balcony and see a plain floor. Note the contrasts (mahogany treads, bright white risers and ballusters, mahogany rail, off-white textured wall, black & white medallion, grey granite flooring.
  4. Finished circular stairs

    Finished circular stairs

    The frame-up looks crazy and bending a rail is no joke, the ballusters are a nightmare but when finished, it looks incredible. Makes one ask the obvious -- why aren't all stairs curved?
  5. Finished circular stairs

    Finished circular stairs

    Sort of putting it all together -- dome, chandelier, circular stairs, circular balcony, medallion.......
  6. Circular Stair Frameout

    Circular Stair Frameout

    A bit bigger than your typical wood working project and not even that common in homes not built by me, here is the underbelly of a wood-constructed circular staircase. It forms a quarter circle with inside radius of 7-feet and tread width of 4-feet. Look for my finished staircase picture also...
  7. Stone medallion

    Stone medallion

    Not wood but thought it was pretty anyway. Black and white spires are marble, surround is granite. Sits in a foyer, directly below the recessed dome I posted a picture of already and the crystal chandelier that hangs from the dome.
  8. All Wood Recessed Dome

    All Wood Recessed Dome

    6-Feet in diameter, constructed from 2x10 framing lumber (spires), 1x12 white pine (round bottom) and 1/4-inch oak plywood (panels)
  9. D

    Dan Gregory -- New Member

    To All: Thanks for creating and managing this site. Thanks for accepting me as a new member. I met Mark Engel today who wasted no time introducing you to me and getting me a link that left me without an excuse for not joining promptly. Way to go Mark! I'm a licensed residential builder...

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