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  1. old-delta

    Newbie and new member Western NC-hope pics are ok

    Welcome to the community Rob.
  2. old-delta

    Looking for my first lathe

    If you haven't found a lathe yet, I'm considering selling my mini Nova. Has the sharpening attachment as well. PM me and we can discuss. NOVA COMET II MIDI LATHE; VARIABLE SPEED & REVERSIBLE
  3. old-delta

    Jet Dust Collector

    Dust collecter is DC-1100VX 2 micron 1-1/2HP 20 feet of hose Remote Unit is in like new condition. Purchased new from Woodcraft in 2017. Asking $600.00 with 20' of hose and extra Jet bags ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jet model JSSG-10 wet...
  4. old-delta

    Best wood for making a cutting board

    Maple and Walnut are very nice to work with. I mad three about 15 or so years ago. I'd probably do end grain for obvious reasons.
  5. old-delta

    Head scratcher ads

    I've seen worse lol. I once saw a big box store drill press listed as a milling machine. I guess you could call a joiner a bandsaw. They both cut wood right?:D:D:D:D
  6. old-delta

    Buying a bandsaw

    Reviews are these days more opinion than actual quality or defects in the product. I have in fact owned a PC saw 5 years ago. I sold a Rikon to downsize to a 14" PC. If you're a novice woodworker these saws are ok. If you want a saw that'll do what you want it to do This is not the saw. It's...
  7. old-delta

    Buying a bandsaw

    Reading the replies on here I'm going to agree with buying an old delta or a Rikon. The issue with the big box BS's is they're pretty much disposable and cost more in the long run. They'er all made in China with inferior metals. Older Delta saws were built very well. That's why they're still...
  8. old-delta

    ISO Planer

    I've had the Dewalt 735 for 5 years now. It has done a good job so far. I did upgrade it to the helical head 3 years ago. Makes a world of difference on Maple and Oak.
  9. old-delta

    Shop Vac - resuscitate before death?

    I have a ShopVac I bought in 2001. It's been through everything and still works great. The hose is actually deteriorating it's so old. I agree with Henry, the repair cost is cost prohibitive to a new. If you find a ShopVac on sale that may be a good choice. I'd go with the steel canister vs...
  10. old-delta

    Dust collection idea... is this just plain stupid?

    Just my 2cents here. I would avoid getting the fines in any confined or partially confined space. If anyone remember the West Pharmaceutical explosion in Clayton a few years, that was from fines above a drop ceiling in an enclosed area. Small static spark and it took down a 70,000 sf structure...
  11. old-delta

    Northfield 32 BS Before and almost After

    I put carters on 3 saws I restored. They are great for the money. I just sold an 18" Delta BS with carters. Awesome job on that restore sir. Looks brand new.
  12. old-delta

    Repairs on DW635 planer

    That's interesting with the glue line chipping the cutters. Never encountered that. I did have a couple traditional knives chip. Two reasons I opted for the larger head is, it's a tiny bit quieter, matches the original RPM's and most importantly (to me) is it maintains the same cut depth. Unless...
  13. old-delta

    Repairs on DW635 planer

    Dan, did you use the smaller diameter one or the original size one? I’ve been thinking about a replacement shelix head but have not quite been willing to spend the money yet.[/QUOTE I upgraded my 735 with the Shelix, I opted not to go with the smaller. you'll need to remove and reinstall the...
  14. old-delta

    Old DeWalt RAS question

    Re: Old DeWalt Radial arm saw question back in the day I used a RAS all the time. I never experienced any kickback whatsoever. Since on a RAS the blade is spinning away from you verses a TS toward you thus the concern for kickback. Also kickback usually happens when the material is between...
  15. old-delta

    Grizzly G0803 9" Benchtop Bandsaw

    I'm in the market again for a bandsaw. Opinions on brands? I had a 20" Jet a few years ago I got at a real steal on however I sold it. I wish I had kept it now as these saws are crazy expensive now. I probably wouldn't go any smaller than a 14" given the versatility. I've had experience with...
  16. old-delta

    Dewalt DW735 Helical upgrade

    I wouldn't be concerned with the knife spitting. Mine was caused by me. I didn't recheck for seating and tightness. If you pay attention it's easy and in my opinion worth it. If you do go this route be sure to wear thick gloves or buy stock in Band-Aid :gar-La;
  17. old-delta

    Dewalt DW735 Helical upgrade

    Mike, I changed mine without any issues. It's really simple. The new head comes with everything needed including new bearings which are also a bit better quality than the original. Remember, if you opt for the smaller head you won't have to remove and reinstall knives. It just slides right in...
  18. old-delta

    Dewalt DW735 Helical upgrade

    I've had my Dw735 now three years. Changed the knives four times. I finally upgraded to the Byrd helical head. What a huge difference! Quieter and much better finish. Not to mention there's no tearout. A while back there was a thread on this topic and most cringed at the cost of the helical. I...
  19. old-delta

    OMG - Captial City Lumber

    Hardwood Store is very reasonable in my opinion. I've traded with them for years and have never been disappointed with price or material quality.

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