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    I call it The Mother Bowl...

    ...because there are corings yet to be processed. About 15" o.d. X 7.25 rim to 'foot'. Wall is a little heavier than I would like but the pucker factor on this one overwhelmed my courage level. Finish is Feed N Wax 4-5 heavy coats and lightly rubbed in after each. The hole in the side makes...
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    Just a reminder...

    While your grazing around the forum, graze over to the "Our Sponsors" column and visit one or two. Let's let our sponsors know we are looking. But AmazonSmile really does know, LOL!
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    'bout finished

    Just have to permanently mount the challenge coin. A couple of drops of epoxy should do it. The bowl is ~14" dia. cherry burl. The black insert is sapele dyed black with printers ink. I mixed a little of the ink with Titebond to make black glue. Finish is Howard's Feed-n-Wax. It really makes...
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    Mag fence

    Received this today. Thanks Neal. It was one of the raffle prizes. Even had an opportunity to use it. It is quick to set up and holds alignment once set.
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    Not exactly a work of art,

    but it seems functional. It's my new Fritz and Frans jig. I'll test it when I find the leopard wood. It is time to make another lighthouse. This lighthouse will go the University of Central Florida' Engineering Management Honor Society. I do have a piece of Rosewood that I don't remember...
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    Picnic Highlights

    Some of this year's awards. Congrats to Berta, Richard, Hank, and Mike.
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    2021 Raffle Closing Time Change

    Please note: The Board, in order to support those members responsible for the raffle and their travel needs related to the picnic (some are out of state), has moved closing of the online ticket sales to 9:30 PM, Friday, September 17, 2021. That still leaves you plenty of time to find some...
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    Tuesdays means... is a good day to by raffle tickets in increments of two. I know I did, LOL! And it is very easy to do! Twice the fun. Twice the support for the Twice the chance to win.
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    Magnificent 7

    Yep. Saturday to Saturday. 7 days to the raffle draw. Time to stock up on tickets. Keep the forum alive. "It's alive. It's alive."
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    Thought you would like to know...

    Raffle drawing in 9 days. Support the forum. Buy your tickets today.
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    10 days until,,,

    Raffle drawing. Buy your tickets today! Raffle - its not gambling. It is donating with a fun element. Support the forum.
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    Have a look over there on the right of the screen. See it? "Our Sponsors". You might call it 'click-bait'. Every time you click on a sponsor's listing over there-on the right, "Our Sponsor", that sponsor's web click counter does a little spinny thing and records where that click came from...
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    Picnic and Sides

    September 18, at the Jordan Lake Jordan Lake, Seaforth Recreation Area Shelter. In about 2.5 weeks, we are going to have a great picnic. will be providing great barbecue. We have over 50 indicating they are coming via the survey. You are welcome even if you didn’t complete the...
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    Fritz and Frans Jig

    I need to make another light house. This one for a university in Tampa. I sold my Unisaw before leaving NC. I used that to cut 2X2X12 lacewood into an octagon shape before turning the the upper portion into a frustum. I placed the fence to the left of the right tilted blade to make the...
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    It really is a great day to buy a raffle ticket. $5 gets you in the game. Hundreds of prizes. Help sustain exactly what your looking at now, (not this post, but) Use the link above in the header or,
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    Ideas please...

    Last Xmas I made duck calls for everyone in the family. It was a great time. Need ideas for something this year. A family member requested I make items that "make noise". Suggestions?
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    2021 Picnic Status

    As announced the forum’s picnic is being held September 18, at the Jordan Lake Jordan Lake, Seaforth Recreation Area Shelter. The board is monitoring the public health risks associated with the pandemic virus and is mutations. We will require all picnic attendees to adhere to...
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    Reminder: The Picnic is Coming!!

    After a unwanted 2 year break, the annual picnic is back. What? annual picnic - it's back!! Where? Jordan Lake, Seaforth Recreation Area Shelter B When? September 18, 2021, "It's a lunch event." Why? Visit with woodworkers of all types. Enjoy a swap meet. Buy 'stuff'. Get...
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    Can a fellow get a hand, please?

    Need some help selling raffle tickets. The board is watching raffle ticket sales closely and we think there is great opportunity for anyone to win any prize. The proceeds keep the site and our social media presence in business. More importantly, the proceeds are used to sustain our efforts to...
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    Slat Board Cleats

    For mounting. My daughter gifted me some plywood slat boards that came with 1/2 the cleat mounting system. I've searched the web and have been unable to match the steel cleats. The AL versions at the big box are priced very high, IMHO. Here's two photos of what I'm looking for. Back of...

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