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    Better gun

    Buy the gravity feed gun (cup on top) or get the 3M PPS disposable cup conversion. I just converted my old pressure/bottom feed Fuji gun to PPS and it makes clean up a LOT easier. The gravity feed guns clean really easily too, especially if you use plastic cups and you take the cup off and run...
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    face frame to cabinet, or cabinet to face frame?

    I will build a face frame first when I want to have a scribed edge on one or both sides of the face frame. Find it is easier to figure out that fit and then make the box after I have determined how the face will fit. I also like single cabinets for the uppers - I think you get more usable...
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    New member in Richlands.

    Welcome aboard, the water is fine! Thanks for your service, i will always have respect an IDC! I woke up once laying on the wardroom table smelling ammonia with one staring me in the face after a falling vent filter knocked me silly former ET2/SS (nuke)
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    Used band saw blades ?

    I believe that some blacksmith/knife makers use band saw blades to make Damascus steel. But that might be the bimetal metal cutting blades?
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    Triangle Area Lunch Get Together?

    I would be down for a lunch meeting if it is somewhere near RTP. I work in support, so my lunches are tentative, but if I am not on a case, I will be there.
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    Just Glue, or Glue and Screw?

    how are you taking 2 2X2 boards and making a 4X4? If you face glue or laminate pieces of 4/4 or 8/4 together to make a 4" think piece of for the posts it will be gorilla strong. You are gluing long grain to long grain, and that makes a very strong joint provided you have a good joined...
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    Techshop discounts

    I am a member. I currently live in an apartment, so the ~90/mo is worth it to me. It gives me access to equipment that I do would not normally own. My deal was I was tired of watching too much TV so I dropped cable TV and joined TechShop.
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    Drawer material

    For sides, a lot depends on what kind of slides you are planning on using. Also what construction method are you planning on building them with? I say 5/8 :)
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    Correcting moisture issues in floor

    Initially when I read your post my mind locked on that your sill plate/band was rotting which didn't make as much sense on the slab, now that I read it more I get that it is the door sill. My best guess from the pictures, is that the water is wicking along the trim board on the horizontal...
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    Baltic Birch sheetlets (© BAS)

    I'm in for ~$20 worth
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    Correcting moisture issues in floor

    Is there any visible flashing on the ledger board for the deck? The attachment of decks to houses are a very common place for leaks. A picture of how the deck is attached to the house would really help.
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    Shop Vacuum

    I have a fein Turbo II, I would not trade it for anything except maybe a festool. I went through what seems like 10 home center 'shop vacs' before I bit the bullet on the fein. There is no comparison. The auto start feature and afterrun period is wonderful. You plug your tool into the vac...
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    Using Choice of Finish When Sanding

    when I am using an oil finish like a tung oil or waterlox I 'scrub' the first several coats in with a grey synthetic steel wool. I gives me a real nice smoothness on the wood and will eaven out the film on the surface. It also will ease some edges slightly, so dont over scrub or dont ease...
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    Looking at air compressor recommendations

    For the price you would need to spend to get a compressor to spray with that gun, I think you would be better off getting a turbine HVLP setup if the only reason you need the big compressor is for the spray gun. You are going to be over $1k to get close to those specs and it will be a 220 unit...
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    Is it wrong.....

    To want to use the tools on the wall at cracker Barrel while waiting for your food?
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    Another Newbie-------

    Welcome aboard! A 62 FOOT lathe? Turning ships masts? where do you even put something that large?
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    Thoughts on De-humidificaton of spraying/finishing room???

    Instead of straight dehumidifying, have you thought of putting an air conditioner in which will dehumidify and cool at the same time? Solves 2 of your problems... other than you will finish the same thing over and over
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    Cheap Beadboard plywood Home Depot in Cary

    I was in a bit of a hurry so I didn't get the full details, but figured someone may have interest. The Home Depot in Cary Crossroads has up near the lumber pro-desk a pile of ~20 sheets of 4X8 1/4"(?) bead board sanded pine plywood that was damaged marked down to ~$14/sheet from almost $25...
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    Metal tool chest for non-wood working tools?

    One other major thing to think about with mechanics boxes is if and how often they will be moved. A cheap box may be ok if they are set on a bench/parked and never moved. If you move them much when loaded they will fall apart. Getting a good quality box you can move them loaded. I judge a...
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    accurate level

    I like a torpedo, 2, 4 and 6. Torpedo is in the tool belt The 2 is good for stairs & setting door frames(the top), the 4 is for general use, the 6 for the door frame sides and walls I have Stanley and stabila. Stabila has a kit that comes with a torpedo a 2 and an 6 I think that is a good...

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