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    Why can't I see the classified ads anymore?? It says that I do not have permission..

    Refrigerator hide away

    I bought a small refrigerator for the bed room I thought that my wife would love it. But she said it had to go unless I could hide it someway. View image in gallery So this it what I came up with.

    I lost a great tool

    I lost my trusty blue grass hammer I have had this hammer for 26 years. I bought it when I got my first real job right out of high school. I was working for a local contractor and this was the hammer that he recommended and it was a great hammer. Sure wish I knew where I lost it. I usually...

    Wifes second woodworking project

    View image in gallery This is a door that my wife made to cover some shelves in our bathroom she used some of my scrap wood. She took two boards and groved and tenoned them and glued them together and ripped and trimed the door to size and jointed the edges and sanded it and used my router to...

    Wifes first poroject

    This is my wifes first project its a cedar wardrobe that belonged to her dad we are not sure how old it is but we think its at least sixty years old. It was in pretty rough shape one of the doors was broke and she had rip it down and joint the edges (with a little coaching) she did a great job...

    I have a great wife

    I really do have a great wife she never complains about my woodworking projects. she supports me in every way she evens takes on alot of my responiblities around the house to give me more shop time and never fusses about me buying new tools. Now she is starting some of her own woodworking...

    planning a new work shop

    My wifey is running me out of the basement so she gave me the go ahead to start my shop I'am not sure what size to go for and I will be working with a budget I know that I want an attic for storage maybe 12 foot high walls with a 8 foot celling on the inside and steps leading up to the attic...

    My two dollar Dining room table

    I built this table as a surprise for my wife. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and dining room she was wanting a new dining room table and new cabinets for the kitchen the cabinets are still in progress but I got a good deal on some scrap lumber I got a good size load for two...

    Has anyone had any luck selling on ebay?

    I have been making a few small crafts, thought I would try ebay and sell a few but it seems like everybody wants everything for nothing!! Is there a trick or strategy that I don't know about?:wsmile:

    Trophy display shelf

    I built this for my 14 year old nephew who has been going through some tuff times. His mom asked me to make it for him because she was painting his room red and black which is his going to be his high school colors. The only draw back was she wanted to surprise him so I had to have it built...

    Very first cut ever with a scroll saw

    View image in gallery :wsmile:This is a picture of the first thing that i ever cut with a scroll saw sorry that the pic is not that great but having trouble with my digital camara. Alot of the cuts are not true and it took me about 2 hours to complete its nothing great but i'm still kinda...

    Delta scroll saw manuel

    :help:I just got a delta scroll saw model 40-130 13 inch but don't have the manuel and I don't know alot about scroll saws does anyone know where I might find a manuel or can anyone tell me what size blade I need. I would be greatful for any help!! Thanks Rick When I can no longer...

    Reclaimed pecan

    View image in gallery This is a jewerly box that i made for my wife from some pecan and I think the other wood is dark poplar that I reclaimed from an old table that she bought at a yard sale. everything is from the table except the handle it a piece of scrap of maple that I had laying around...

    Help With Attachments

    I was wondering if anyone knows why I cannot add an attachment to my post it says that i may not add attachments in the posting rules is there anything i can do to change that..:gar-Bi

    need help vintage sears simpson jig saw

    A friend of mine has a sears simpson jig saw for sale it is 1/8 hp and it works fine it does not have any dates on it but he thinks that it was made back in the 40s. Does anyone have any idea what it would be worth. I have a picture but can't figure out how to attach it.

    Vertical Router Bit

    Has anyone ever used a vertical raised panel router bit. I am thinking about buying one wouuld like to get some input first.:help:

    Any one know much about kreg router tables

    Thinking about buying a new portable router table looking at the kreg model prs2000. Does anyone know much about them. I have always used bosch and it has been great but i really like the looks of the kreg. Just like to know if it will hold up.

    New Member

    Hello, everyone my name is Rick, I joined yesterday and I think this is really a cool site. I cant wait to get to know everybody. I am 43 years old and have been in the wood working business for about 16 years now I make furniture for a living, woodworking is a passion of mine, I love it.

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