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  1. Phil S


    I am not a Mike. Welcome
  2. Phil S

    I need a cherry picker

    It is more than a table top. The weight limit on the HF table cart is TOO low. This mill has builtin lift points - was nice of them to do this. thanks for the suggestion
  3. Phil S

    I need a cherry picker

    may i borrow for a few days?
  4. Phil S

    I need a cherry picker

    Anybody in the RDU area have an engine puller I could borrow? I need to lift a heavy mill up on its stand Thanks
  5. Phil S

    Used or countertops

    I will be removing some from my next office unfit. These will become available near the end of the month
  6. Phil S

    Early Christmas - FREE cabinets

    They are all gone. BUT I am starting another new office on the 25th and it appears I will be removing three runs of cabinets. I have not seen them yet but knowing the location they should be good Stay tuned
  7. Phil S

    Happy Birthday Steve Coles

    Happy Birthday, Steve
  8. Phil S

    Blum Tandem Drawer Slides

    I have Blum and FGV side by side in my kitchen and cannot tell the difference in operation. I just bought 18 (3 cases) of 21" and they had plenty. No idea on 15"
  9. Phil S

    Blum Tandem Drawer Slides

    Horizon Forest Products 919-729-0877 I have been using the FGV Formenti & Giovenzana brand that I consider to be as good if not better than Blum. They are heavier than Blum and the adjustments are smoother They carry 15” full extension soft close synchronized You will need to buy in case lots...
  10. Phil S

    Vacuum pump A/B manifold - good or bad idea?

    Ok Some rules Don't put your hands too close to spinning tools Don't touch tools just off the grinder Don't overthink simple solutions - your A/B manifold is a good example, just build it
  11. Phil S

    RDU Lunch Friday October 15

    Just a stones throw from the Cary Klingspor store Lunch will be at Macgregor Draft House in Macgregor Village. I will set it up for 11:30 They have a nice outdoor patio we can use Hope to see you there
  12. Phil S

    New Member In Oak Ridge

    Welcome and great job on the spice box
  13. Phil S

    Happy Birthday drw

    Happy birthday Donn
  14. Phil S

    Cutting Aluminum T-Track on Kapex

    I cut alum on mine all the time. Never change blades
  15. Phil S

    Early Christmas - FREE cabinets

    I have lots of uppers.
  16. Phil S

    Early Christmas - FREE cabinets

    A whole lot of uppers
  17. Phil S

    Early Christmas - FREE cabinets

    Please plan on taking all the lower cabinets expect the sink set. Thanks for helping us keep them out of the landfill. I will message you with more details
  18. Phil S

    Early Christmas - FREE cabinets

    We will hold the sink set for you. Hopefully my plumbers show up to unhook the sink. I will let you know Please take the sink too
  19. Phil S

    Early Christmas - FREE cabinets

    If rain is an issue we can store onsite for a short period - week or less. Let’s get as much out as possible on Saturday

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