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    Router Collet Extensions

    I'm considering getting a collet extension for my PC 7518 router. Use mostly 1/2" shank bits with router mounted on a dyi benchtop track system for leveling slabs and some end grain work like M&T joinery etc.. Need a little more reach than I have now. Was wondering what collet extensions are...
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    To finish or not to finish the inside of a Keeper Box

    I just built my version of the "Fisher Shop" Trick Box for my 11 year old grandson's birthday. No pics as I don't know how to attach to a post but you can go to the Fisher Shop "Trick" Box video on Youtube and see it being built. He reveals the trick to opening the box once locked at the end...
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    Legacy Ornamental Mills

    Just curious. Are there any users/owners of the manually operated (old) Legacy mills in the group? I have a 1000ex model and need to either figure out how to use it better or sell it. My on line research turned up only one group that discusses their use but I have not found it to be all that...
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    What Are Folks Doing As An Alternative to Schedule 2729/3034 for Dust Collection Ductwork?

    After installing a new wall mounted 5 hp Cyclone DC I have spent much of the past 5 days trying to run down duct work sources. Initially I approached several firms about galvanized steel clamp together duct. Real sticker shock !!! So I started rethinking by reading on this subject both here and...
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    New Location for Woodworker's Supply (NC)

    Anybody know the address for the new store (supposed to be closer to Raleigh)? Maybe they haven't opened it yet?
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    55 Gallon Drum Lids/Lockiing Rings

    A friend gave me a 55 g. fiber drum but I need a lid and locking ring for it. Plan to use as a dust bin for a cyclone dust collection system. I've spent much time over the last couple of days trying to find an online site that sells lids/locking rings without having to buy a new drum to get...
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    Parallel Clamps

    Has anyone used the Woodtek Parallel Clamps? What do you think of them in comparison to others you have used?
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    Troy Lumber Company

    Has anyone had dealings with Troy Lumber...110 Leslie Ave n Troy NC? I would like your insights into what type of lumber they sell/pricing/services (i.e., domestic hardwoods; plywood; etc.). They don't seem to have an internet least I could not find it. Thanks in advance.
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    Auction - Locust, NC - Saturday October 25

    An ad for this auction just appeared in the local paper. Billed as a surplus building materials event. Says it includes veneered particle board and rough sawn lumber among other things. Address is 201 S. Central Ave., Locust, NC. Phone is 704-507-1449. I think Locust is just to the east of...
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    Carving Carousel Animals

    Does anyone know of any organizationos in NC that teach this kind of carving? Thanks
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    Tom Hintz Whereabouts

    Does anybody know what happened to Tom Hintz's site?...NewWoodworker or NewWoodking (I think?) I use to go to that site but of late I can't seem to locate it as in the past. He used to post some good used tools for sale that he had tested and written up.
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    Can't Post

    Tried several posts but NCWW page stops responding when I push button to send. Tried contacting help desk but got same thing. When I click "recover the page" I can get back in but my message is gone. Start over...same result. Frustrated. Can someone suggest a solution? Don't know if it's my...
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    Needed: Railroad Wall Clock Plans

    Does anyone have (or know of) a good plan for a wall mounted railroad clock. I've searched a number on online sites for plans and what they have are pretty basic regulator, shaker, or Seth Thomas type clocks. I'm looking for something a little more ornate and unique. While not set on it, if I...
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    Ellsworth Turning Seminar @ NCSU

    Did anyone attend this seminar over the weekend? If so would you share how it went re: pros and cons? Thanks
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    2012 Charlotte Woodworking Show

    Does anyone have a reliable list of vendors that will be at the show? Is it still on? Thanks
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    Posting Threads

    O.K.. Ive looked everywhere and can't seem to find the simple solution (i.e. button??) for posting new threads or posts. I know it can't be too difficult as everbody does it
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    Wood Identification

    Does anyone know of a site which provides good pictures of wood samples along with some descriptive information about each on line? I have both Hoadley books and others along with several color veneer charts but can't get a fix on what some slabs cut from a sunken log might be species-wise...
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    Riving Knife Retrofit Question

    I have an older Delta Model 36-812 Unisaw (circa 1995) which I have been wanting to retrofit with a riving knife similar to what comes on the newer TS's. Not much luck finding one so far. Even spoke to a Delta rep and came away w/o much help (of course they'd sell me a new saw with the riving...
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    What's Up With Jackson International?

    Anyone know if Jackson International in Fuquay-Varina is out of business? I and a couple of buddies have tried their number (919) 577-9994 today and all got a message that the number has been disconnected or is not in service. Maybe they've been bought out? Any feedback would be appreciated...
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    Avg Visits Count

    In the scheme of things this is no big deal but I just noticed my count was at 5.6 per week over the past 30 days. I thought my last count was around 6.5 or so. Could this be a function of some of the changes that have been in process of being made lately or have I just fallen asleep at the...

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