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  1. old-delta

    Jet Dust Collector

    Dust collecter is DC-1100VX 2 micron 1-1/2HP 20 feet of hose Remote Unit is in like new condition. Purchased new from Woodcraft in 2017. Asking $600.00 with 20' of hose and extra Jet bags ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jet model JSSG-10 wet...
  2. old-delta

    Dewalt DW735 Helical upgrade

    I've had my Dw735 now three years. Changed the knives four times. I finally upgraded to the Byrd helical head. What a huge difference! Quieter and much better finish. Not to mention there's no tearout. A while back there was a thread on this topic and most cringed at the cost of the helical. I...
  3. old-delta

    Powermatic lathe

    Powermatic 3520B lathe never been used. Opinions on what's the maximum should I pay? O accessories except what came when new. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  4. old-delta

    4' Round Dining table

    I would like some advice or direction on building a 4' round dining pedestal table. The wood of choice my daughter wants is Wenge Wood. Would you do a Wenge veneer or solid? I suggested to her to make the pedestal out of a cheaper species since she may want to paint it and have the top natural...
  5. old-delta

    Dewalt Shelix

    Today I upgraded my 735 to the Shelix OEM head. Completely new machine IMHO. two head size options. I went with the OEM size although I did have to remove all the cutters but that's okay. It's 8db quieter and no clogging in the blower housing. Well worth the expense. It does fabulous on curly...
  6. old-delta

    Dust Collector opinions

    In researching 2HP dust collectors there is a wide range in price from $200 to $1,200. What is anyone's opinion on Harbor Freight? While CFM and micron filtration are the main features, what justifies the price difference? Pictured is a Central Machinery from Harbor Freight for $200. 2HP 1550...
  7. old-delta

    Dust collector

    Opinions please. Using 15" surface planer, downdraft sanding table and cabinet saw. A 2hp or a smaller 1.5 hp collector? I definitely will go with canister over bag. New? Used? Any thoughts or opinions based on experience. Thanks guys.
  8. old-delta

    My New Toy

    In long search I finally purchased a new saw. Got it set up and dialed in. I was pleased after about two hours to get the blade 0001 thousandth. Fence is within 0002. Some have told me this isn't possible lol. I sold my old Delta 34-450 I had restored. I hated to let it go but after 35 years I...
  9. old-delta

    Nova Comet II

    Id like anyone's opinion about the Nova Comet lathe. It has the two options I like, VSR and seems to have enough torque. I know Rikon makes a version but $250.00 more. I personally cannot justify $250 for 1/4HP. Plus the Nova has the neat option of adding the grinding wheel or disk but I have...
  10. old-delta

    Oneway 1224 worth

    I have a simple quick honest question. What is a used in good condition Oneway 1224 worth? Just the lathe, tool rest and banjo. I see one on the web for $1,400. Honest answers please. If this is a good deal I'm sure it won't last. If not, what is a decent offer to present? The lathe is 6...
  11. old-delta

    wifi issue

    I'm not quite sure where to place this question so please forgive. I cannot access the site from my home wifi. It's not in any computer. I can get on fine with mobile data device but not wifi. its only with my home wifi. If someone could assist with tech knowledge I'd really appreciate it. Wesley
  12. old-delta

    Replace or Repair

    I have a question for the seasoned woodworkers, In relation to portable power tools, specifically in this case a Porter Cable 505 sander. I purchased this one new in 2001. At that time it was billed as a quality tool. It needs new bearings. I have been told by repair "professionals" and I use...
  13. old-delta

    Just a thought - Resurrect New Member Chat?

    I joined just over two weeks ago and love the site. This is just a thought I wanted to toss out to fellow members; To get to know fellow members and share a few ideas on the subject. What is the thought of having a weekly or monthly chat meet? It would give those who can't get to the meets and...
  14. old-delta

    Another Newbie-------

    I have known of NCWW for a while just not sure why I didn't join. I am what some would call a novice woodworker. I am more into the component furniture making thing than turning although I do have a spindle lathe. I have become fascinated with antique woodworking machines such as the 62' Oliver...

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