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  1. Richo B

    Christmas Keepsake Boxes

  2. Richo B

    Puzzle Box 3 completed

    Puzzle Box 3 is now finished. This is actually a very small puzzle cabinet. The quarter is shown for scale. Made of Poplar scrap, stained and with shellac finish. The cabinet/box houses three commercial puzzle boxes including the Centrale Box by Jean Claude Constantin shown on the top shelf...
  3. Richo B

    How to hang a chest drill?

    Solved! After reading all the responses I went down and looked at the drill again before responding again. I don't know why I keep calling it a Stanley. It is a North Brothers. Same with the Yankee Handyman I have. I loosed the top screw and was amazed to discover that there are two holes...
  4. Richo B

    How to hang a chest drill?

    Your idea of making something similar to the glue clamp racks sounds good. It got me thinking based on the glue rack I made years ago. It could work using the custom cradle that @cobraguy suggests.
  5. Richo B

    How to hang a chest drill?

    Back in May I bought a Stanley Chest (Breast) drill and its been kicking around ever since. I'd like to hang it from a board I secured to the wall in my workshop, I even have a strong U-shaped clip to hang it from. Problem is, due to its unique shape with handles coming out two different...
  6. Richo B

    Small workshop ideas

    Thanks for watching. There are in fact videos for each of the items you mentioned. The chest of drawers was made by me as a practice of dovetail joinery as the case features nineteen drawer/boxes in total, not just the six that are visible. I wanted drawers based on some rolling tool boxes I'd...
  7. Richo B

    Puzzle Box 3 started

    This week I've started to build my third original puzzle box. The size of the wood is actually large enough to allow me to build this as a small puzzle cabinet rather than a traditional box (with a top or lid). It won't be quite as challenging as my larger puzzle cabinets (Apothecary & Tea...
  8. Richo B

    Small workshop ideas

    I've posted in the past (going back to 2015) about my small workshop. I don't have a dedicated shop or room for woodworking but instead set the workbenches, tool boxes and other surfaces in one half of my two car garage. Everything can be stored against the wall or in the house so the cars can...
  9. Richo B

    Recent Turning

    Speechless, utterly and completely speechless. Wow.
  10. Richo B

    Puzzle Box 2 complete

    Hard to explain how this opens in words or photos. This short video explains everything.
  11. Richo B

    Puzzle Box 2 complete

    Puzzle Box 2 is now complete. Only took a few weeks to make. Made of poplar with butt joints. Lock mechanism is a little more complex than my Puzzle Box 1 was.
  12. Richo B

    Next puzzle boxes

    With Puzzle Box 1 now completed and demo video up on YouTube its now time to start on the next puzzle box Richo Woodworking shop set up for summer use On Saturday I assembled the garage workshop for summer work and finished the SketchUp designs of the puzzle box. Still working from scrap...
  13. Richo B

    A large box of planes...

    Looks like a nice summer restoration project.
  14. Richo B

    New antique tools acquired

    They were on a metal shelving rack downstairs next to a booth loaded with tools. There was also a Stanley Yankee screwdriver in its original plastic pouch, circa 1980's, that I thought of getting but did not. Though Yankee screwdrivers are a nice concept there is still the issue that for those...
  15. Richo B

    Ebay Tools

    What a great group of tools.
  16. Richo B

    New antique tools acquired

    Came back today from spending the week in the Greensboro/Winston Salem area. During the trip I visited several antique shops and bought some new-to-me tools. First a couple Warrington style hammers from Gibsonville Antiques in Gibsonville, NC. Next a set of picks and scrapers in like-new...
  17. Richo B

    First Puzzle Box completed

    Been slowly working on designing and building my first puzzle box since January. Different from my puzzle cabinets this is just a box that has some hidden locks that must be solved in order to open. Nothing special, just me experimenting and learning to make puzzle boxes. Back in March I...
  18. Richo B

    Makers Mark

    On important pieces I put my name and date (month and year). On less important items (jigs and help tools) I only put the date and year. For those lesser things its just to remind me of when I made them. Starting with the Apothecary puzzle cabinet I also started adding the city I built it in...
  19. Richo B

    2021 projects

    Over dubbing is something I would like to look into. I've seen some of the microphones as our tech crew at work have them for our Facebook Live videos. There are certainly some little things that I can look into without going all the way.
  20. Richo B

    2021 projects

    I went back and checked the Brace video. Yikes that is some bad white noise. Thanks for pointing that out. I never really noticed it before because it was originally made for Instagram. I may end up remaking that one with the newer camera or taking it down entirely. It was put up along with...

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