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  1. creasman

    Show us your messy shop!

    A messy shop is a sure sign of fun and progress, so I thought it might be fun to see some others. Here's mine after making a few pieces of custom trim -- not as messy as it sometimes gets.
  2. creasman

    Snipe bill plane set finished

    One thing always seems to lead to another in woodworking (part of the fun of it). I began making a spice box earlier this year. My goal is to use hand tools for all the fine work and only use table saw, planer, etc., to rough out the stock. When I got to the molding that runs around the base...
  3. creasman

    Tapered moulding plane irons

    I'm making a set of snipe bill moulding planes. For the irons I figured I had three choices: order blanks from some place like Lie-Nielsen, recycle a set of irons from other planes, or make my own. I decided on the latter using O1 tool steel. The shape of these irons is nothing special, but...
  4. creasman

    Planemaker's float set -- Completed set

    Seems @Scott H and I had the same idea of making our own floats. I just completed my set. I posted previously on making the handles. Here I'll describe my process for making a set of four floats -- two edge floats and two side floats. The difference in each pair is that one cuts on the pull...
  5. creasman

    Tool handles

    It's hard to over emphasize the importance the right size and shape of handle makes towards tool satisfaction. Whether it's a saw, file, screwdriver or just about any other tool there is some part that makes contact with one or both hands. This is the part that joins us to the tool, or put...
  6. creasman

    Rare Woods has an interview with one of our own!

    I subscribe to the Rare Woods newsletter and was pleased this morning to find an interview with William Francis Brown (@bbrown) . Check out the interview here and see photos of the amazing work he does. Congrats, Bill!
  7. creasman

    Plane Talk -- Part 2

    This is a continuation of Part 1 of this posting. Refurbishing These are some tools you'll need for this part: 12" straight edge for checking sole and body. Grinder for shaping the iron and scratch stock scrapers. Calipers for checking width. Flat stone or other sanding surface to flatten...
  8. creasman

    Plane Talk -- Part 1

    I suppose you could say I have a (maybe unhealthy) passion for seeing old hand tools refurbished and returned to working life. I once purchased the groove plane of a tongue-n-groove set for $1. It was in sad shape with rust, missing handle and cracked body. I truly felt pity for this...
  9. creasman

    Free chestnut cutoffs

    I have some reclaimed chestnut lumber that I've had for years and finally got around to removing the nails. These are 2" x 6" that were originally rafters. All the sheeting was nailed with 16d nails -- probably when the wood was still green. Fast forward a hundred years and the tanic acid in...
  10. creasman

    Long overdue introduction

    I'm finally getting around to this post. I joined the site in 2010 but wasn't really active until several years later. Somehow I missed adding an "about me" thread, so here goes... I'm a native of Western North Carolina and have never lived in any other state. Like so many my path to Raleigh...
  11. creasman

    A pair of dulcimers

    Last November I claimed a box of woodworking magazines offered by @rcarmac. As I sifted through these over the holidays I found plans for a dulcimer in one of the Woodcraft magazines. I'd been looking for a project to highlight some beautiful quarter-sawn sycamore I purchased last year from...
  12. creasman

    Cleaning out the finish cabinet... free to anyone who can use it -- GONE

    I cleaned out and reorganized the cabinet where I keep finishing materials. These are some that I don't expect to use. My first thought was to take them to the Wake County recycling center, but perhaps someone here would want them. Free for the pickup. I live between Cary and Holly Springs...
  13. creasman

    NC in the rough

    My son came over tonight to make a wall hanging for a couple who are moving to Georgia. He wants them to remember their time spent and friends in North Carolina. We glued up some reclaimed chestnut, cut the shape and fastened it to a plywood backing. He plans to add some clips so they can add...
  14. creasman

    Plane Hammer

    I recently finished making a plane hammer to use when adjusting wooden planes. One head is brass to tap the steel iron when making adjustments. The other end is wood (mahogany) to tap the plane body and wedge. Each head is detachable so they can be replaced if broken or worn. The head itself...
  15. creasman

    Need help from someone with a thickness sander

    I have three boards (8" x 36") that I need to take down to about 1/8" thick. They're currently at around 3/16". The wood (quartersawn sycamore) is simply too fragile for a planer, even with a sled. Is there anyone in the Raleigh/Cary/Apex area with a thickness sander who is available to help...
  16. creasman

    Old Brown Glue or homemade liquid hide glue?

    I'm looking for some input on the subject of liquid hide glue. I've gotten to appreciate the benefits of using hot hide glue, but for some projects the set time is just too quick. I haven't used Patrick Edwards Old Brown Glue before and am considering buying a bottle. Don Williams has a...
  17. creasman

    Pinch Sticks -- An uncommon but useful tool

    One of my goals this year has been to acquire some of the tools I often find myself needing. Instead of just working around the problem or "making do" with what I have I decided to invest the time in making the tool if practical, or buying one if I could afford it. To this end I recently found...
  18. creasman

    Remedy for cracked knob on Stanley plane

    I'm restoring a Stanley No 7 that has a cracked knob. It's not completely broken and my thought is to stabilize the crack so I can continue using the knob. Does anyone have experience filling these sort of cracks with epoxy or other adhesive? Any recommendations on best solution short of...
  19. creasman

    Another staircase/dado saw

    I posted previously about making a staircase saw patterned after an old English version. After using the saw I liked it so much that I decided I wanted a smaller version for finer case work. I used the plate from a Stanley gents saw to make the version you see below. One of the main goals...
  20. creasman

    Miter trimmer rust removal and restoration

    I posted last week about some tools I bought from an estate sale, one of which is a Dosch No. 4 Miter Trimmer. This weekend I spent my shop time cleaning and restoring this fine tool. It was already in good condition with mainly just surface rust. I disassembled the tool down to the...

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